With aging parents

it’s common to feel:

—Torn between wanting (and needing) to help them and your own ministry

—Alone (your teammates mean well, but they don’t really get it)

—Overwhelmed by all of the issues that exist with aging parents


You don’t have to go it alone when it comes to navigating aging parents and cross-cultural work! For the next 12 months you can be part of a community who is walking a similar path.


Enrollment opens in August 2023 and the cohort runs from September 2023 to August 2024.

Maybe this is you:


Your parents are getting older and your role with them is changing.


You’re not sure if you should stay on the field, move closer to your parents, or find another option.


Your parents don’t want to be the reason you leave the field.

You wonder, “What does it mean to love and honor my parents in this season of life?”

What came through loud and clear in the Aging Parents and Cross-Cultural Work survey is that everyone’s story is unique and holds both beauty and pain.

Monthly Zoom Topics:

Every journey is unique
Communicating with siblings
The role of faith (your parents’, siblings’, and yours)
Transitions you and your aging parents might experience
The underlying question: To return or stay?
Supporting from a distance
The Big 3: Safety, Comfort, and Dignity
Understanding aging brains
Navigating aging parents with an agency, a board, or independently
Grief experienced with aging parents

The Cohort Contains:


Monthly zoom calls around one of the topics


Meetings recorded if you are unable to attend or want to revisit a topic

A private facebook group

Resources including a recording with an estate planner

How the Cohort works:

1. Monthly Zoom calls that will equip you and allow you to talk with others (recorded)

2. A private facebook group where you can ask questions, vent, and pray for each other

3. A list of resources and recorded videos on estate planning with aging parents

We only open the doors once a year, so you don’t want to miss registration!

The path may still be difficult, we can’t deny that. But what if instead of feeling torn, alone, and overwhelmed, you felt understood, connected, and able to hear God say, “Well done, good and faithful child to your parents.”


“The AP cohort was so helpful for me. My brother and I are talking thrhough stuff with Mom now (15 months after my dad passed), but I feel so much more prepared and feel like I’ve been able to discover a loving and collabroative ‘aging parents’ relationshop with my brother as we work though this together.”


“Before joining the Aging Parents Cohort I felt I was in a whirlwind of change in our family and decisions that loomed on the horizon, but I didn’t feel I had a safe place to process it. Processing the possibilities of leaving the field didn’t always feel safe with people in our organization, and friends back in my passport country didn’t always understand the complexities of dealing with the international aspects of what we are facing. The experience has been great. Each session has had something I could take away to ponder and pray through. But my favorite part was the time of sharing at the beginning of each session; the time of sharing helps me feel less alone in this journey and I have an opportunity every month to consider this aspect of my life.”


I joined the Aging Parents Cohort for community and resources. I’m a single, and it was encouraging to see singles as well as marrieds walking this road. It’s challenging for everyone.”


“I’m an only child of an aging mother.  I was afraid of the future and a little lost and needed to work through and understand some of the challenges that are coming my way. I enjoyed the different topics and being able to walk alongside others (mostly in much more difficult circumstances than I have!). Little tidbits of great advice came from lots of different places. I am coming to accept more that there is a reality that I will probably have to leave the field someday to take care of my mother, although it may be several years from now. The cohort is helping me manage the stress and expectations!”


“I was uncertain of the next steps in planning and caring for my mother. In addition, I’m in member care, so I wanted to vet this course in order to gain personal insight and also know when to recommend it to other cross-cultural workers in my organization. Highlights for me include sharing where each of us are in the process of dealing with aging parents and having the chance to process with others who truly get all the different angles and understand the ministry challenges in the midst of it all. In my situation, not a lot has changed, but I know that it will be changing at some point, and I feel better equipped to walk into those changes after a year in the cohort.”

Great value at $147

Join the

Aging Parents Cohort


Cohort runs from September 2023 to August 2024


Monthly zoom calls around one of the topics

Meetings recorded if you are unable to attend or want to revisit a topic

A private facebook group where you can connect outside of the meetings

Resources including a recording with an estate planner


$147 USD

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