Breath and Rest

April 6, 2021 | 1 comment

For those new to Global Trellis, the first Tuesday of every month wepractice ten minutes of silence together as a community. Use this zoom link and use the phrase “bestill” when asked for a code to enter. We will start at 7:00 a.m. MST (time zone converter). We believe in the value of having both personal and corporate spiritual practices. See you Tuesday.

“God is breathing room for the soul” 
Psalm 62:2

Let’s take a moment to pause and take a few deep breaths together. Get comfortable—find a comfortable chair to sit in. Relax. Take a deep breath. And another. See if you can lengthen your inhale, hold it, and then slowly let your breath out. Inhale, hold, exhale. Repeat.

Notice any places in your body where there is tension. Take another deep breath, and try to picture your breath bringing relaxation into those tight places, and then exhale. With each inhale, welcome God into those places in your body where you have carried tension. With each exhale, picture yourself releasing the tension. Take as much time with this breath exercise as you need. We are not in a hurry…


“Be still and know that I am God.” 
—Psalm 46:10

Let’s check in for a moment…what are you noticing? How has this breathing exercise been for you? Are you feeling more relaxed? Or are you noticing any resistance to this exercise? Any and all reactions or feelings that have come are good to notice. When we pause and take time to notice, this can become our prayer and dialogue with God. If you are feeling relaxed, you can stop here and allow yourself to linger in this place as long as you want/need. 

“God, thank you for giving us our breath. You are breathing room for the soul. I desire to experience this spaciousness in my soul. I invite you to expand my ability to find rest in you. Thank you for the rest that I am experiencing now.”

But if you find yourself resisting this exercise, I encourage you to explore this.  What has come up? What is the invitation? How might you dialogue with God about what you are noticing/experiencing?

“God, I am noticing a lot of tension in my shoulders. Even when I try to take a deep breath I feel the stress pressing down. Part of me wants to run away and avoid this. Help me to hear your voice. What is your invitation? What would you like to say to me about this tension?”

Share your experience, questions, or thoughts with us! We love to hear your feedback. I hope that as you continue your day, you can come back to your breath and connect to God as you breathe. If this exercise has been challenging for you, it’s ok. It’s also ok if you don’t like it. We embrace the practices that help us draw closer to God’s presence, and we can release the ones that don’t resonate with us.

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Lori Ferrell

Lori Ferrell

Wife. Mom of boys. Founder of Soul Sala. Spiritual Director.


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    This was such a beautiful invitation to pause and find peace in a hard day. Thank you for this post!


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