Have you ever had a desire, dream, or goal that died from lack of attention?

You’ve completed (or at least looked at) the Reflect on 2021 and Prepare for 2022 packet and are a mixture of excited and overwhelmed about what 2022 could hold.

But what if you never look at the packet again and you forget your specific hopes for 2022? ‘What could be‘ turns out to be ‘what never was.’

Whether you need a cheerleader, your hand held, or a kick in the pants, Grow in 2022 will support your hopes and dreams.

Maybe this is you:


Your start every year with hopes and dreams that you can’t name a few weeks later.


You want to keep growing, but you have no idea where to start.


The tyranny of the urgent keeps you from getting to what’s important.

Jesus wants you to keep growing. What if this invitation is for you?

Don’t let your dreams and goals die on the vine. They won’t grow overnight, but with time, attention, and a prayerful plan, they can Grow in 2022.

Here’s everything you get each quarter:

Monthly reminder emails


Get one free workshop per quarter (your choice)

A live video by Amy Young related to that quarter’s focus (recorded for those who miss)

A group zoom check in to evaluate and adjust your goals and hopes

Grow in 2022 will cover these topics:

Quarter 1: Planting — How to have the right amount and type of goals and dreams

Quarter 2: Sprouting — Evaluate what’s coming to life. Is this what I want?

Quarter 3: Weeding — Know what to eliminate and what to fertilize in your life

Quarter 4: Harvesting — Take time to celebrate what God is doing

As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.” Proverbs 27:19

Picture yourself . . . Next December looking back over 2022 with a sense of satisfaction. Not everything you thought would happen came to life, but you feel attune with the Holy Spirit. You have stewarded the year well and are ready to continue into the next year.

Great value at $147 for the entire year.


Grow in 2022

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