We enlarge the capacity of great commission Cross-Cultural Workers

You can have a tended soul and expanding skill set

The call is too great.
Don’t become a statistic.

The harvest is plentiful, the workers are few.
Play your part in the Great Commission.

Experience a Tended soul and expanding skill set
right where you are


Tend your soul

When your “job” is God, you can drift into a utilitarian relationship with Him

Expand your skills

Your call requires people skills, life skills, and work skills different from what you may have needed in your passport country


Easy access

No need to travel or convert time zones. Training, support, and empowerment at your fingertips

We’ve been where you are, desiring to serve God, investing in Kingdom work,
and navigating the unique joys, pressures, and tedium of life on the field.

How it works

Increased capacity comes from useful input, opportunities to reflect, and plans you can implement. What makes Global Trellis unique is that you don’t have to spend your precious time hunting for the best resources—we bring them to you you wherever you are in the world.

Here’s the 3 step plan for your growth:

Monthly Workshops

The monthy workshops equip you in 45 to 60 minutes with deeper dive presented by experts. Watch at your convenience.

Weekly ArtIcles

The team of specialists build into you quarterly. Read a short article by one of them on Soul Tending Tuesday and Skill Building Thursday.

Quarterly Challenges

Delivered right to your inbox, these challenges are tailored to your needs on the field and help you be the cross-cultural worker you imagined you’d be.

February 2024 Workshop

No travel time, no need to wait. Training, support, and empowerment at your fingertips. 
Take workshops to your personal portfolio that you can revisit any time.


This retreat offers us the invitation to pause and name the wilderness seasons—whether we find ourselves in one now, or simply want to create space to reflect on the wilderness Jesus spent 40 days in before starting his ministry. Wilderness can be a disorienting space. How does God meet us in these places? Through contemplative practices (lectio, breath prayer, art, and personal and group reflection) we will reflect on how the wilderness shapes us, and how God invites us to know who we are and whose we are when all else feels stripped. Together we will notice how God wants to meet us in these seemingly desolate and disorienting places.

Yes I want in!



Write Interesting Newsletters is a self-paced course for people who need to communicate with prayer and financial supporters. You know that communicating with supporters is vital to sustain your ministry with prayer, finance, and advocates, but maybe you feel stuck or like a broken record when it comes to writing to supporters. Instead of thinking about writing, put fingers to the keyboard and keep your supporters praying for, financially supporting, and connected to you and your ministry. You will have lifetime access to the course upon purchase. Enrollment closes on June 16th. Get the course today and feel the newsletter burden start to lift.

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Quarterly Challenge

Delivered right to your inbox, these challenges are tailored to your needs on the field and help you be the cross-cultural worker you imagined you’d be.

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