rooting cross-cultural workers in love and competence

 This doesn’t have to be you.

More than 62% of cross-cultural workers report high tension
between tending to their soul (being) and the work that they do (doing).

Global Trellis develops your soul and skills through

February 2020 Workshop

No travel time, no need to wait. Training, support, and empowerment at your fingertips. 
Add workshops to your personal portfolio that you can revisit any time.

$19.00 $9.59

Whether living in proximity to physical harm, in an area prone to natural disasters, with inadequate health care, or risking a future that might not include a spouse or children, this workshop is for you.

Hurry! February’s Workshop Sale Ends:

Quarterly Challenge

Participate in quarterly challenges designed specifically for
cross-cultural workers to help keep that “Some day!” list short.

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