rooting cross-cultural workers in love and competence


More than 62% of cross-cultural workers report high tension
between tending their soul (being) and the work that they do (doing).

Why Global Trellis?

What if exhaustion, creeping bitterness, and stagnant personal skills were replaced with refreshment, contentment, and growth? This can be your reality.

When asked to name current stressors, cross-cultural workers responded: 

  • “Loneliness, lack of structure, dealing correctly with poverty”
  • “Work is 100% with expats and I want to be with nationals, my language is mediocre, not knowing my place in my biological family living so far away”
  • “Language barriers, inadequate leadership, too little time alone”
  • “Children’s’ schooling/ socialization, lack of local community (not on a team), year 4 with new ministry focus moving at a snail’s pace”


The list goes on and on. Why? Because life on the field is stressful and too often cross-cultural workers are under-resourced for the realities they face.

Global Trellis helps cross-cultural workers flourish. Here you will find “space for your soul to breath” as Emily P. Freeman says and the tools to equip you for your calling. Because as Michael Hyatt says, “No one drifts into greatness.”

You need a place for your soul to be breath, your head to be engaged, and your heart to stay tender. You need Global Trellis.

Meet Amy Young

I moved to China at age 27 with the plan return to “real” life after two years. Enter the angelic laugh track. Eighteen wonderful years later—okay definitely sixteen wonderful years and a few that were iffy—I transitioned back to the U.S. Since then I helped create Velvet Ashes and write books for cross-cultural workers. 

When I went to the field, it was with the best of intentions and far too much information front-end loaded for me to absorb. At that time, the only option was to spend weeks together in California learning about life in China. And you know what, it worked. It really did. Bonding with others who would be new-to-the-field is fun and valuable. Once I arrived in China, life was wonderful (your experience may be awful or somewhere in between), but the life I imagined and the life I lived did not (quite) align. Over the years I experienced periods where I wrestled with a fear of being found a fraud by my supporters, of not measuring up in the eyes of my coworkers, and of not feeling not effective because no major movement was started on my watch.  

Front-end loading my experience, and thousands of others, worked because that was what was available. But today, in response to The Great Commission, we are accessing a fraction of what technology makes available. God has called us to His Great Commission, which truly is the call of a life time. But it is also ordinary, lonely, tedious, involves laundry; all the while trying to spiritually, personally, and professionally grow, as we work to see the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Headshot by fellow cross-cultural worker: Kathryn Bronn (contact her!) 

Where did the idea for Global Trellis come from?

The idea for Global Trellis grew out of three realities:


  1. The success of Velvet Ashes showed that cross-cultural workers can meaningfully participate and connect in online spaces.
  2. I am a lifelong learner and leader who loves to help people keep growing.
  3. The last few years I have attended and spoken at cross-cultural conferences around the U.S. and the world. Without fail when I attend a fantastic workshop I look around and think, “Really?! Only thirty people are hearing this?!” I wanted you to sit in the workshops with me so we could learn together and discuss what we heard.

Luke 2:52 (NLT) says, “Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.” I want to be that kind of person and to be around others who also want to keep growing . . . closer to God, in their understanding of their host cultures, and in the skills needed for healthy teams and relationships.

Global Trellis exists so that all of us can be rooted in love and competence.

I hope you join Global Trellis as we seek to tend our souls, build our skills, and flourish where God has called us.

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