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Global Trellis develops cross-cultural workers so they flourish  and grow

Why Global Trellis?

What if exhaustion, creeping bitterness, and stagnant personal skills in cross-cultural workers were replaced with refreshment, contentment, and growth? This can be your reality.

Life on the field is stressful and too often cross-cultural workers are under-resourced for the realities they face.


Global Trellis helps cross-cultural workers flourish through ongoing equipping and development.

You need a place for your soul to breathe, your head to be engaged, and your heart to stay tender. You found it. Welcome to Global Trellis.


Meet Amy Young

I moved to China at age 27 with the plan return to “real” life after two years. Enter the angelic laugh track. Eighteen wonderful years later—okay definitely sixteen wonderful years and a few that were iffy—I transitioned back to the U.S. Since then, I helped create Velvet Ashes and write books for cross-cultural workers. 

When I went to the field, it was with the best of intentions and far too much information front-end loaded for me to absorb. At that time, the only option was to spend weeks together in California learning about life in China. And you know what, it worked. It really did.

Front-end loading my experience, and thousands of others, worked because that was what was available. But today, in response to The Great Commission, we are accessing a fraction of what technology makes available. God has called us to His Great Commission, which truly is the call of a life time. But it is also ordinary, lonely, tedious, involves laundry; all the while trying to spiritually, personally, and professionally grow, as we work to see the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Growth and development are one of the beautiful ways we are made in God’s image. Luke 2:52 (NLT) says, “Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.” I want to be that kind of person and to be around others who also want to keep growing . . . closer to God, in their understanding of their host cultures, and in the skills needed for healthy teams and relationships. Welcome to Global Trellis. Welcome to growing in community.

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Meet the Team

With the desire to be well-rounded in your development, the blog is written by a team of specialists. Some write for a season, and others on an on-going basis. These trellis rungs of “specialists” build into you each quarter. The goal is to develop you, so that you live out God’s call.

Bernie Anderson (leadership) — read posts by Bernie

Lane Arnold (spiritual direction) — read posts by Lane  

Tim Austin (transitions) —  read posts by Tim 

Katie Brown (grief) — read posts by Katie  

Elizabeth Forshee (spiritual direction) — read posts by Elizabeth

Lori Ferrell (rest) — read posts by Lori

Jenilee Goodwin (life hacks) — read posts by Jenilee

Karen Hedinger (language acquisition) — read posts by Karen

Mark Hedinger (culture) — read posts by Mark

Daniel Whitt (finances) — read posts by Daniel 

Lauren Wells (TCKs) — read posts by Lauren


Other vital rungs: Karen Huber (graphic artist), T (proofreader), Stacey Covell (editor)

Global Trellis exists so that you can be the cross-cultural worker you imagined when you first felt the stirring to join in The Great Commission. 

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