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Jan 20, 2020 | 2 comments

You know that my philosophy of lasting change involves, in part, a slow and steady drip of information. With that in mind, I am building a team of people who believe in Global Trellis and this on-going investment in your soul and your skills. The thought is that on a quarterly basis we will rotate through topics and conversations so that they can seep into you (and me!). Katie will be sharing about grief.

I’m excited for you to meet her!

Share a bit about your or your family’s experience overseas.

I am an American German who lived in Germany as a young child and spent most of my upbringing in the United States. My American mother had what I will call “an international flair” and my dad was German.  I was blessed to spend extended time in Germany throughout my upbringing, deepening relationships with family and friends and practicing my German. Adding to the international mix was my Honduran grandmother who told the most exciting stories about growing up in San Pedro Sula, Honduras; every child should hear stories of riding donkeys to far away villages, swinging from the forest vines, and enduring strict Catholic schools. 

As an adult, I’ve lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, with my husband Jeff. I worked with individuals coming out of homelessness. My sister and her family lived on the field, and I was able to visit them on numerous occasions. As my own family has grown, I’ve traveled to more than six countries with children three years old and under in tow (can I get a witness?!). Jeff and I are both committed individually, as a couple, and for our family to serve others locally and overseas. 

Where are you now, and what are you up to? 

Currently, I am the busy mother of three children 7 years old and under and have a private counseling practice in Colorado. I specialize in grief work and spend time writing my first book on grief. In the future, our family hopes to spend increasing time in the southern part of Spain in or near the village of Bedar to develop a center for retreat; we hope to be a part of rest, renewal, fun, healing and spiritual growth. 

What drew you to helping people with grief?

I have been a professional counselor for more than 13 years and have a passion for helping others to live life to the fullest extent. I graduated from Denver Seminary in 2006 alongside the wonderful Amy Young! 

After graduation, I have worked in various settings (see question one, ha!) with many people groups. During this time, my husband and I journeyed through years of infertility struggles ending in the gift of 3 precious children. In my mid-30s, I experienced loss after loss, including losing both of my parents to cancer, my grandfather to a car accident, my aunt to cancer and my dog to an unexpected illness. In the aftermath of these deaths and loses, the journey of healing and restoration has been both painful and brought forth many unexpected gifts.  I didn’t expect to become a “grief specialist,” but the truth is I am now passionate to encourage others to find light in the darkness of grief and loss. My journey with grief has been both painful and full of hope and healing. 

Katie, when we found ourselves sitting next to each other in our first day of seminary, I didn’t know I could have greeted you, “Hello dear friend.” But it is the truest greeting I could have given.

Now for the rest of the story. As Global Trellis developed—who are we kidding, it is still very young and developing—I wanted to have specialists that would write quarterly. If we hear from someone or on a topic one time, it is great, but often no lasting change comes. I sensed God say, “Have six specialists,” and took out a piece of paper. I numbered it 1 to 6 and wrote “Coach, TCK, Finance, Spiritual Director, and Life Hacks.” 

You don’t have to be good at math to know that I listed five, not six areas. But the sense from the Holy Spirit that we needed to start off with six specialists was strong, so I left number six blank.

As a friend, Katie is on my mailing list, and she read about the specialists in my newsletter. I was decidedly vague because of the blank next to number six. Katie replied within the day wondering if Global Trellis needed a “grief specialist” with all of the grief woven into life on the field.

I love when God provides what He knew we needed all along.

Next week we are having “Grief Week”, and Katie will share what grief is (Tuesday) and what complex grief is (Thursday).

Welcome Katie! We look forward to hearing from you next week and in the coming months!

Amy Young

Life enthusiast. Author. Sports lover. Jesus follower. Supporting cross-cultural work.



  1. Phyllis

    Yes! I need her in my life. I am looking forward to reading what she writes.

    • Amy Young

      Thanks Phyllis, I read the posts today, and they are both a good start for the discussions we will have over the months!


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