Meet Daniel Whitt {Financial Specialist}

Mar 23, 2020 | 0 comments

I’m excited for you to meet more Global Trellis Specialists because God in His perfect timing knew that we would need these specialists at this time.

Since lasting change involves a slow and steady drip of information, Global Trellis is building a team of people to aid in your development. The thought is that on a quarterly basis we will rotate through topics and conversations, so that they can seep into you (and me!).

So far you have met Tim Austin (life coach), Lauren Wells (TCK), Katie Brown (grief), and Jenilee Goodwin (life hacks). Today you’ll meet our financial specialist.

Daniel understands that finances in full-time ministry can be complex. On the one hand we live by faith, trusting God. On the other hand, He has entrusted us with a certain degree of personal responsibility. In addition, we all come from different passport countries with different health care, educational, and retirement systems. Our hope is to foster financial contentment and the ability to rest in the Lord’s provision.

Without further ado, meet Daniel.

Daniel, share a bit about your or your family’s experience overseas.

Born and raised in the US, my first cross cultural work experiences were through a university practicum conducted in western Europe and the Caribbean in 2009, which led to further work in the US Virgin Islands in 2011. Growing up, my wife’s home had a revolving door for cross cultural workers and her own experiences began at the age of 8 in Central America until she spent two years working in the Middle East and Asia during college. In 2012 our paths crossed, and my wife and I began working in discipleship training and outreach in the US and Asia with the hopes of moving overseas long term.

Where are you now Daniel? What are you up to?

Since 2015, our family has been based in the Himalayas of South Asia leading discipleship, outreach, and networking programs.  Over the last five years, I’ve wrestled with the legal and spiritual challenges of stewarding money overseas and have found great joy in helping others along the same journey. Whether conversations about fundraising, general retirement planning, or strategic giving, I find joy in guiding others to climb their “money mountains.” Now having returned to the U.S., I am an aspiring CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional excited to provide general financial insights to educate and inspire cross-cultural workers.

I’m sure spontaneous clapping erupted around the globe as people read your hope of serving in this area! What draws you to helping cross-cultural workers with financial subjects on the field?

Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.”  Whatever I do in life, I want to be in the business of engaging people’s hearts for the establishment and deepening of freedom and hope.  Dialoguing and helping people with their “treasure” appears to be a great vehicle for heart engagement.

As cross-cultural workers labor and live on spiritual “front lines,” we are entrusted with time, talents and treasures to accomplish God’s redemptive work in the world. As many of you may agree, stewarding treasures can be one of the greatest challenges of this resource triad. Traditional “cross-cultural work” and “money” have historically cooperated together about like oil and water. However, I am poised to take on some of these historical stigmas believing that they can be brought down to make way for greater contentment and impact in and through the lives of those working cross-culturally.

Welcome, Daniel, to the team! Thursday’s post is going to be a summary of the financial survey that many of you participated in, helping Daniel (and all of us) as they teach, coach, and guide us when it comes to finances.

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