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Happy Soul Tending Tuesday, friend,

This week we interrupt our normal broadcasting to introduce you to two people (one today and one on Thursday). You know that my philosophy of lasting change involves, in part, a slow and steady drip of information. With that in mind, I am looking for people who believe in Global Trellis and this on-going investment in your soul and your skills. On a quarterly basis we will rotate through topics and conversations so that they can seep into you (and me!).

Several years ago, Tim contacted Danielle Wheeler and me about what it takes to start something like Velvet Ashes. He was fun and easy to talk with, and we’ve stayed in contact via FaceBook.

I’m excited for you to meet Tim Austin!

Tim, please share a bit about where you’ve lived overseas and what you were doing.

We lived in Tajikistan from 1996-2013 and in Turkey from 2013-2016. In the early years we focused on outreach and church planting, while also responding to the many physical needs through the NGO we were working with. We eventually registered our own NGO and directed various development, community and small business projects. As our team grew, my wife and I moved more and more into the area of member care, which ultimately led us to Turkey to serve in a regional member care capacity.

How would you describe the difference between counseling, coaching, and spiritual direction?

As coaches, we’re trained to facilitate sessions through the art of question asking, which in turn leads the client down their own path of discovery.

Coaching places high value on belief in the client and their ability to uncover answers, establish goals and move forward with greater clarity. I know of counselors and spiritual directors who support their clients using some of the same methods. So, there is overlap. The word direction can be misleading. Spiritual direction does not seek to provide answers to questions (tell you what to think) but rather to help you ask those questions in a genuine way and help you discover answers (“hear” God) for yourself.

In this way, I feel there are a lot of similarities in the way Christian coaches and spiritual directors are trained to come alongside their clients.

Many counselors have professional training in areas where coaches and spiritual directors do not, especially in dealing with trauma, addiction, personality disorders, and abuse. That’s when a good coach or spiritual director will know when to refer a client for professional counseling.

What drew you to coaching? How did you become a coach?

As our team grew and our relationships in the broader expat community expanded, my wife and I began to see the huge need of supporting global workers through life and ministry challenges. I felt drawn to coaching because of the conversational approach it offered. As I reflect now, I realize this coach approach to supporting clients is not only effective, it also fits the way I’m wired. A double win! Subsequently, I went through a 2 year training program with Coaching Mission International, a great organization dedicated to multiplying coaching for mission work. In 2015, I established Encompass Life Coaching which prioritizes professional coaching for mission and ministry leaders, something I will always be passionate about.

Tim, it’s great to get to know you better, and I look forward to the ways you will contribute to cross cultural workers here at Global Trellis.

Tim and I had fun talking about Global Trellis, transitions, how we met in this podcast episode. Enjoy listening . . . there is a surprise near the end.

Any particular topics you’d like for Tim to discuss as a coach for cross-cultural workers?

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