Meet Lori Ferrell {Spiritual Director Specialist}

Apr 27, 2020 | 0 comments

Today, we will add another rung to the trellis we are building of “specialists” who build into you so that your soul is tended and your skill set expands, so that you can implement God’s call. So far the rungs of this trellis involve: Tim Austin (life coach), Lauren Wells (TCK), Katie Brown (grief), Jenilee Goodwin (life hacks), Daniel Whitt (financial), and Mark Hedinger (culture).

We are excited for you to meet Lori Ferrell, one of the spiritual directors whom you will hear from on a regular basis:

Lori, welcome! Please share a bit about your or your family’s experience overseas.

My husband Pete and I moved to Laos in 2004, where we lived until 2013. In 2013, we moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand for a one year sabbatical. This led to returning to the USA (Florida) in 2014, where we lived for four years. We recently returned to Chiang Mai, Thailand to serve in member care roles. 

Where are you now? What are you up to?

We live in Chiang Mai, Thailand (we returned in July 2018) with our two boys, 14 years and 11 years. My husband works at Cornerstone Counseling Center, a great counseling center for CCW’s (cross cultural workers) and is currently pursuing his MA in Counseling. I am here as a spiritual director, meeting one on one and facilitating group spiritual direction. We moved back to Chiang Mai with a vision to offer sacred space for rest and retreat, which led to the founding of Soul Sala Inc (a non-profit based in Florida). Currently, Soul Sala is located in our backyard where we have a separate garden and two guest rooms which serve as space for spiritual direction, as well as space for retreatants to experience silence and solitude.

What drew you to spiritual direction?

My own story of burnout and need for someone to come alongside me…it started out as my prayer for someone to disciple me as I only knew of discipleship. But this prayer was answered by a spiritual director’s offer to meet with me on a monthly basis. I had no idea what spiritual direction was, but her offer answered the longing in my heart. And after experiencing spiritual direction personally for three years, I knew that this was my own vocational calling. So I entered a two year program to become a certified spiritual director while we were living in the US. Shortly after finishing my certification program, we found ourselves on a plane back to Thailand! 

We are so grateful you are here and look forward to the ways you will be used to tend our souls and keep us near to Jesus.

What would you, reader, like to know about spiritual direction? Have you ever worked with a spiritual director?

UPDATE: Since this post, our family relocated from Chiang Mai back to Florida. I continue to offer spiritual direction in person and via zoom. 

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