Making the Most

What a strange season to be moving to the field. On top of a global pandemic you might wonder, “Will I like the food? Will I learn the language? How much of a difference can I make in a year? Surely it won’t be hard to stay connected to God or get along with your teammates.”But what if you’re wrong? We’ve got you covered.

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Making the Most

What a strange season to be moving to the field. On top of a global pandemic you might wonder, “Will I like the food? Will I learn the language? How much of a difference can I make in a year? Surely it won’t be hard to stay connected to God or get along with your teammates."

But what if you’re wrong? We've got you covered. Don’t miss this chance to connect with other in their first year on the field. You do not have to figure everything out alone.

It is possible to Make the Most of your first year on the field. But too often newbies—even well supported newbies—find themselves more alone a few months to their first year.

Thankfully, there is a potential, though less traveled path where you can connect with others who are also in their first year on the field. You will meet month on zoom to discuss Getting Started: Making the Most of Your First Year on the Field with fellow first-year-people in real time.

Sometimes you need to find a place where you can let your guard down without watching eyes—even if your teammates and local friends are wonderful.

You’ve found that place.


Making the Most runs from September 2020 to June 2021. (Another cohort will launch in January 2021)

Registration closes August 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. MST. Getting Started needs to be purchased separatedly. Participants need to have moved or move to the field in 2020.

You will have access to monthly zoom calls where you will discuss topics such as:

  • Somewhere Between Awful and Amazing
  • You Will Be Too Something
  • Torn Between Worlds
  • God and You
  • New Relationships (But Not With People)
  • Four Languages You Didn’t Know You’d Learn
  • Culture and Team

Zoom calls will be the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 a.m. MST. They will be recorded and available for one week to group members who miss the call.

You will also:

  • Have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share, and pray for each other outside of the zoom calls.
  • Receive A Fruitful First Year by Amy Young – using the Fruit of the Spirit this nine-month guide will help you stay spiritual flourishing during this crucial transition.


Reviews from Getting Started:

I cannot recommend this book enough. It was everything my heart needed to hear two weeks into my first year on the field of cross-cultural service. Seriously, there were times that I really thought she had read my mind. Her advice and wisdom is priceless. —Kayla


This book couldn’t have been more perfectly timed for me! In my own “first year,” the ability to hear from so many others who survived their first years gave me such courage when I wondered if I will. The insights into common mindsets that are common and less than desirable in the first year helps me a lot as I learn how to think about my life.—H.M.

Don’t miss this chance to "Make the Most" of your first year on the field

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As soon as you purchase you can start your workshop or save it for later.  It will always be accessible on your My Trellis dashboard.  Watch it again and again as it seems relevant.



Every Workshop or Course we offer is equpped with the ability to take notes on the content you are watching.  You can save your notes right on the site and print them later from your My Trellis dashboard.


Once you login you'll be taken to the My Trellis dashboard where you can browse all the workshops and courses you have access to.  You can also view all the notes you've taken and print or manage them.


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How long do I have access to a workshop?
Forever! Once you purchase a workshop it will be added to your personal portfolio called “My Trellis.” Enter the username and password you created and you will find all of your workshops in “My Trellis.” You may watch a workshop as often as you like.
Can I pause my workshop?
Yes, you can pause at any time—for instance to take notes—and then continue listening when you are ready.
How long is a workshop?
They tend to run between 45 and 55 minutes. We want you to get your money’s worth without being overloaded.
What is the “notes” feature
I don’t know about you, but I have notes written in this notebook, or on that piece of paper, or on a handout . . . that I either I can’t find, or forget about. We want you to be able to have all of your notes in one place that you can easily access. Every workshop will have a “notes” button below the video, click on it and a notebook will open up on the right-hand side. You may take notes as you listen to the workshop. When you are finished, click save” and your notes will be saved in the “Notes” section of your My Trellis. You may also print or download your notes. At any time you can edit, add to, or delete from your notes. We have formatted your notes so that when you download them they look nice and you shouldn’t need to reformat.
How much does a workshop cost?
The month that a workshop goes live, it is available for $10. After the initial month, the workshop will still be available for $20.
Who can participate?
All are welcome! While the Workshop is crafted especially for people who are serving overseas or plan to serve overseas, many of the workshops will offer something to anyone with an interest in Christian cross-cultural work. If you purchase a workshop, it is intended for you and one other (a spouse if married, or teammate if single). Many workshops will be beneficial for a team to watch and discuss together. On the honor system, please purchase the appropriate amount or contact Amy for a group discount.
I clicked on the workshop in My Trellis and nothing worked.
I think you might have clicked on the workshop graphic art. Scroll down and near the bottom of the page you will see Course Content. Under course content you will see the name of the workshop you purchased. Click on the title and you will be able to watch the video.
Do you have closed captioning or subtitles?
At this point, no we do not. The workshops are presented in English.
What if I am a more sensitive area of the world?
We are aware of your sensitivities! I have asked presenters not to use the “m” word and instead talk about cross-cultural work, global workers, and our line of work. You, however, know your context and if these guidelines are enough for you.

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