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Oct 26, 2021 | 16 comments

Happy Soul Tending Tuesday friends! I’m delighted today for you to meet my friend Amy Boucher Pye. Thanks to Marco Polo we are able to communicate in real time on Sundays about one of our favorite loves: American football. It is rare as a woman to find another woman who loves football as much as I do and knows what it’s like to cheer in a foreign land. She’s a fan of the Vikings, and I cheer for God’s team (Kidding! . . . .mostly!) the Broncos. More importantly, she’s an author and when I read her most recent book on prayer, I wanted you to know about it. It’s one that you will want for yourself and as a resource for those you are helping to spiritually grow. Without further ado, I’m delighted for you to meet my friend, Amy Boucher Pye.

Fellow Amy, thank you for being with Global Trellis! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your cross-cultural experience?

I never thought I’d live overseas—this outside-of-America life has been one of God’s surprises. When at university, I went to a “M” conference and during the last evening, when the speaker asked people to stand if they wanted to commit to some kind of that type of work in the future, I stayed fully rooted to my seat. Instead, I told myself, I felt called to pray for America, my home country. Next to me my dear friend rustled and stood, and she’s been a partner in the Philippines all these years.

But seven or so years after that conference I met an Englishman, fell in love, and moved to the UK. Our “deal” was that we’d live for 5–7 years in England while he finished up his theological training and did his curacy (his apprenticeship time with the Church of England). Then we’d move to the States, to be closer to my family and to enjoy the delights of such things as good plumbing, Target, and pickles that aren’t overly sweet. And for the Americans to appreciate his accent.

As it’s turned out, Nicholas and I have been married 23 years—all in the UK! I’ve some periods of sadness and adjustment, but I can see how God has helped me to flourish here in this land, with these delightful people. 

Ah, the redirecting of God. We get that! What’s your latest book about?

Prayer! It’s called 7 Ways to Pray, and it’s a book not only about prayer but one that gives people the tools to experience these practices. A big percentage of the book is me guiding us through the various ways to pray, because I want the reader to experience the wonder of meeting God. In the book we engage with praying with the Bible and praying through it, practicing the presence of God, hearing God, the prayer of lament, putting ourselves into a gospel story through our imagination, and the prayer of examen—looking back to move forward with God. Here’s the introduction and the first chapter if you’d like to take a gander.

What drew you to writing about prayer?

I love how when we turn to God, he runs towards us. I love how he’s met—and meets!—me in prayer, and I love helping others encounter him through prayer too. I’ve led retreats for many years, and a huge joy is hearing how people get in touch with our loving God through the prayer exercises. Often life-changing!

A couple of years ago I wanted to explore some of those who seeped their lives in prayer and so did a master’s in Christian spirituality from the University of London. I loved “meeting” people such as Teresa of Avila and Ignatius of Loyola, and gained so much through studying their lives and how they prayed. I share some of their prayer practices in the book, but not in a dry or academic way. 

I saw a lot of potential for this book to be used in a variety of ways, such as personally, in a small group, or with someone a reader is discipling. What suggestions for using this book do you have for those three scenarios?

Yes, yes, and yes! 

If you’re reading the book on your own, why not set aside a week for each practice? To start off on each topic, you could watch one of the interviews I did with seven amazing Christians (including Sharon Garlough Brown, Elisa Morgan, and James Catford). Keeping a journal can be a wonderful way to process your thoughts and prayers—and it’ll give you a special way to remember how you met with God.

In a small group – it’s a wonderful resource for a small group because of the hands-on nature of the book and the joy of praying together. To help if you’re leading the group, you can download the leader’s guide and you can also find seven five-minute video introductions for each chapter. Journeying together with others through these ways to pray can be such a rich experience. 

I’m currently giving a seven-week online retreat (at two times to suit two different timezones). If you’d like to take part in this kind of an experience, I’m open to running it again in 2022. Send me an email (amy@amyboucherpye.com) and let me know what time in the week works best for you (and of course what timezone you’re in).

If you’re discipling someone, you could work through the book together in a conversational way, perhaps using as a resource the leader’s guide I mention above. You could also use the Youversion seven-day devotional together that I created. 

What’s your hope for this book?

That people will encounter God! He loves us, and loves hearing from us. Prayer is a practice that we can develop, but it’s an intimate conversation with the One who loves us, and so however feebly we may think we go about it, we won’t get it wrong. 

Amy, thank you for sharing of yourself and pouring into us! 7 Ways to Pray is a wonderful resource for people to use personally and with those they are investing in.

As a way to help you tend your soul, leave a comment and two of you will win a copy of 7 Ways to Pray!

Amy Boucher Pye is a writer, speaker, and spiritual director. She’s the author of four books, including the award-winning Finding Myself in Britain. She writes devotional thoughts for several publications, including the globally recognized Our Daily Bread, and runs the Woman Alive book club. She and her family live in a spacious but drafty vicarage in North London. Find her at amyboucherpye.com.

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  1. MaDonna Maurer

    Amy, thanks for introducing this book. I think it would be a great resource for groups to use to help mentor, but also to help me in my own growth in prayer.

  2. Phyllis

    This sounds amazing! I’m still savoring another book I read about prayer and looking for more on the same subject.

    • Ashley Eng

      This looks like a great book! I’ve been really seeking ways to grow in prayer!

      • Amy Young

        The book will definitely help you grow in prayer 🙂

    • Amy Young

      Based on our discussion at the Sustaining Grace challenge and the book you referenced, I think you would enjoy it!

  3. Corrie Guckenberger

    I find the older I become the more I rely on prayer and need it and recognize the lifeline it truly is for re-centering on Christ. This book looks great. I love that you highlighted it.

    • Dorothy Lacy

      Thank you, Amy, for introducing this author to us. I like the various kinds of emphases that Amy Boucher Pye is featuring in this book. Nurturing prayer and drawing closer to God is always in the forefront of my mind and I would be very interested in reading her book.

      • Amy Young

        Dorothy, I think you’d really enjoy the way that Amy writes as well as the content 🙂

    • Amy Young

      Me too :). And you’re welcome!

  4. Sarah Leonard

    In a recent Velvet Ashes retreat, I felt God inviting me to go deeper with Him in prayer. I would love to learn and grow in this area of my walk with God!

    • Amy Young

      Sarah, this book would be a lovely companion on that journey!

  5. Janine Westlund

    Hi! I literally got off the phone w a 24 year old who is like a niece to me. She called because she is so excited about starting a new prayer journey since her prayer life hasn’t been happening. I was sharing with her about finding a resource w prayer practices to make the prayer time about knowing who she is in Christ and getting to know God. Then I opened this email! Amy’s (the other Amy) book sounds like a good fit! AND go Vikings!! And Broncos!! Different divisions- win-win!

    • Amy Young

      Love God’s timing! And agree! . . . Amy and I cheer on each other’s teams 🙂 (though we don’t always feel the same depth of angst against each others “rivals” :)!)

  6. Lynn

    This sounds like a very helpful book! I’ve been seeking ways to hear better the voice of my Shepherd. This sounds like a practical book. I don’t know much about the Vikings, but I’m all for the Broncos & can’t imagine someone not knowing rivals like the Chiefs & Raiders must be beaten!

  7. Paulette L Cross

    Thank you for sharing about this book, Amy, and for letting us read the intro and first chapter for free. 🙂 It looks like a wonderful resource.

    “Prayer is a practice that we can develop, but it’s an intimate conversation with the One who loves us, and so however feebly we may think we go about it, we won’t get it wrong.”

    Thank you for these encouraging words, which brought timely confirmation of things Jesus has been saying to me this week.


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