April 2021Challenge Revealed!

Apr 12, 2021 | 0 comments

While we are still combing through the data and insights gathered in our first comprehennsive survey, the intial data is so helpful in who YOU are and what you might need as you keep growing and developing on the field. One of the insights is that many of you reading this are not new to the field. (As in 22% of you have been on the field more than 20 years. Woot, woot! 44% of you have been on the field 8-20 years. So, 66% of you have been on the field more than 8 years.)

Which is exciting because this challenge has two tracks. One for newbies and one for old hands. Welcome to the Grow Your Culture Knowledge challenge! Growing in culture knowledge is for everyone, not just newbies. Amen? Amen. As the years go by, this is one of those areas that though isn’t urgent, it remains important.

But growing knowledge doesn’t happen in a few days; so, I designed this challenge to be:

—long enough for you to actually grow,
—specific enough for you to have a task each week to complete, and
—flexible enough that whether your culture tree is a sapling or a mature tree you will see growth.

This four-week challenge will focus on a different area of culture each week: history, the arts, pop culture, and religion. Each week, you’ll receive an email with a short video (all less than five minutes) and a list of challenge options you can choose from, related to the focus of that week. We have prepared three options for both sapling and mature trees. The options are just that—options! By choosing and doing one each week, by the end of the month your culture tree will have grown.

Obviously, a four-week challenge has its limits, but if you invest fifteen minutes watching the video, taking notes, and thinking about culture and an hour or so during the week investing in the culture, I’m confident that God will use this challenge to help you grow your culture tree. We can’t wait to hear how God uses this challenge! Mark your calendar for May 13th and our second Town Hall (7:00 a.m. MST and 7:00 p.m. MST). We will talk about what you did in this challenge, what you learned, and how it could help you going forward.

Great to do this challenge by yourself!
Great to do with your family, team, or freinds!

Enjoy this month. Whether a sapling or mature tree, this challenge is for you! Join today and start your culture growth spurt.

P.S. There will be one blog post per week during the next four weeks, on Thursday—all related to culture! Stay tuned. But first, your growth spurt starts here.

Amy Young

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