Counseling 102 for Lay People

Nov 5, 2020 | 0 comments

Early this year, I asked you which of these situations you have been in?

1. Locals telling you things they feel safe telling you because you are an outsider. 
2. Expats coming to you for unofficial counseling.

Turns out I missed one.

3. Situations where you, yourself, needed counsel and wisdom.

Whether you planned to “counsel” any one on the field or not, situations where you need basic counseling skills are common. You might find yourself out of your depths and not sure what to do.

While some circumstances require professional help—counseling, medical, legal—many can be helped by a caring individual. Counselor Eve Austin (LMFT) laid a foundation for lay counseling in “Counseling 101 for Lay People.” This month’s workshop will unpack several of the resources she touched on and introduces several more. The focus in 102 is on situations you might find yourself in personally. After Counseling 101 we asked participants for questions they had, and these are the ones that Eve answers and provides you with resources you can use immediately:

1. I have unforgiveness, and I am holding onto grudges toward teammates or others. How can I release that? 

2. What do you recommend that can help me in intense conversations with teammates? 

3. How can I find my voice and take initiative in getting what I need relationally? 

4. Is it Okay to not be Okay? 

5. How can I recognize when a situation is unhealthy? 

6. I felt guilty for not loving Country #2 like I loved Country #1. Now in Country #3, I am not even interested on any deep level. Help!!! 

7. How can I deal with my grief after too many moves and too many goodbyes? 

8. I feel disappointment with God and with life itself. I don’t think I can trust God’s goodness anymore because of the terrible things that have happened. What can I do? 

And one we didn’t get to:

9. I say yes too often and then usually end up resenting whoever asked for help. Do you think maybe I need to set some boundaries? (This will be Counseling 103 for Lay People)

When Jesus left, He promised His followers that He would send them the Holy Spirit to help. I love that “Holy Spirit” can also be translated as comforter or helper. Any one of the situations listed above, or that you have faced yourself, is too much to bear alone. Thankfully, after watching Counseling 101 for Lay People and Counseling 102 for Lay People, you will be more equipped to help those around you and yourself.

Have you ever been unsure how to release grudges with teammates? Or how to deal with your grief over too many goodbyes? Or what to do with disappointment with God? Or how to help people with these types of questions? This month’s workshop is for you. For this month both Counseling 101 and Counseling 102 will be available at a discounted price. Get them today and be more able to wrestle with and face complex situations you face.

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