Forming your soul to hold on to hope

Oct 12, 2021 | 0 comments

This quarter’s challenge (which is available through the month of October) was sparked by a line in a book:

When the church amplifies stories of healing and overcoming without also elevating stories of sustaining grace, she is not adequately forming souls to hold on to hope.” This Too Shall Last

You know that one of the pillars of Global Trellis is Soul Tending Tuesday, but what you might not know is why. It drives me bonkers that so many places in the Christian world either focus on the soul —soul care, spiritual direction, spiritual formation—OR leadership and business skills—strategy, vision casting, team building, planning, communication.

You are an integrated being.

You need for your soul to be tended and for your skills to be built. That is what you find here at Global Trellis: Soul tending and skill building.

Thus, the line from K.J. Ramey’s book on how the church often is not adequately forming souls to hold on to hope stopped me in my tracks. If we’re honest, often the church, our organizations, and even the ways we seek to stay spiritually engaged are not adequately forming our souls to hold on to hope.

With that in mind, the idea of sustaining grace and forming our souls to hold on to hope germinated in the Sustaining Grace challenge.

You know God is good. But what about those parts of your life where you’re disappointed or confused and your questions to God seem unanswered?  In this five-day challenge you will look for God’s sustaining grace in a variety of situations you often encounter on the field.

As part of the challenge, you will receive a zoom invite for Wednesday, October 13th at 8:00 a.m. MST (10 a.m. EST) to connect with others in the challenge. It doesn’t matter if you are on Day 1 or you’ve finished!

One of the ways that God sustains me is by hearing how He sustains others. I’m betting you’re the same. Join the challenge to receive the invite and even if you haven’t started the challenge, come and allow God to sustain you through hearing from fellow sojourners.

See you on Wednesday, fellow sojourner,

Photo by Lindsey Garcia on Unsplash

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