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I am not proud of this.

In August we, Global Trellis, partnered with Prayer.Global and prayed a lap around the world. Prayer.Global has divided the globe into 4,770 states based on geographical and governmental boundaries and provided information about each state. About 200 of us prayed a lap around the world. With our focus on team in November, we wanted to pray a lap again! This time you can participate with your team (get it?), with family members “back home,” or with the great group of us here, praying together.

Why am I not proud?

Well, look at this map of the world:

Do you see those large sections in Russia? Me too. Guess which locations I kept getting assigned in August by God to pray for? I think every small district in India that barely show up on a map. Less than a pin prick of light . . . and that’s with zooming in on them!!!

“Really Lord? Why can’t I pray for a LARGE spot so it will look like something is actually happening!”

Oh something is happening my dear child. God smiled at me. But it’s happening as much IN you as it is in the people you’re praying for.

For the 200 of us who prayed, almost to a person we said, “Wow, that experience was more powerful than we expected.” In addition to being reminded how faulty my thinking can be (a larger spot = larger results), I also felt so connected to God and a world beyond what I know.

Here’s what a few other participants said:

“Doing this with others lifted my head from my little place into the vastness of the world, and I saw afresh how God so loves the world and me. It also reignited fires in me to pray for friends and family that I know that do not know Jesus.”

“At first I was afraid to sign up, as I thought I will not have time to pray. But when I saw that the invitation was extended, I joined on Tuesday and the experience of praying blessed me so much. I set a reminder for Wednesday and again felt that this blessed me so much. I loved the emails from Global Trellis with the instructions. On Friday, I was very sad that I didn’t start on Monday, but that changed when I saw Amy on IG encouraging people to use the same link and pray for more places.”

You can see why people asked, “When can we do that again?”

I want to be a part of praying for the world, but I also need a plan and a nudge to faithfully pray. For five days, we’re going to commit to pray one lap around the globe and if we end up praying more? That’s great!

We learned that we need about 400 people to sign up. Will you be one of the 400?

Sign up today and you’ll get an email that shows you how to use Prayer.Global so you can practice before our lap starts on Monday, November 6th.

Here’s how it works:

1—You’ll pray for five days, Monday to Friday.

2—You’ll pray for a minimum of 1 location and 1 minute on Monday, 2 minutes and 2 locations Tuesday, 3 minutes and 3 locations on Wednesday, 4 minutes and 4 locations on Thursday, and 5 minutes and 5 locations on Friday.

3—You’ll be assigned locations by Prayer.Global. Here’s a two minute video and a google doc showing you how it works.

That’s a total of 15 minutes and 15 locations during the week. Prayer.Global will keep track of the locations, and by the end of the week, we will have prayed for the whole world and watched the map turn from dark blue to light!

Prayer.Global has divided the globe into 4,770 states based on geographical and governmental boundaries and provided information about each state. Even if you don’t know anything about a place, your prayers can be more informed with the input. Each leg of prayer starts at one minute that’s marked with a non-intrusive timer, so you don’t have to worry about praying long enough.

If four hundred people join in, we can do this! 

Want to remember how big and vast and amazing the world is? Join.

Want to be a part of completing a lap with others like you who are committed to the Great Commission? Join.

Want a bit of variety in your prayer life? Join.

Want a prayer activity to do with your team or family (or both!)? Join.

We hoped for 300 people to join in August and sadly, we didn’t complete the lap in five days (we did finish it later). If you’ve ever wondered if you’re needed, you are. Join today and let’s pray for the world . . . together.

Join and pray November 6th to the 10th!

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