rooting cross-cultural workers in love and competence


No travel time, no need to wait. Training, debriefing, and support at your fingertips.
Add courses to your personal portfolio that you can revisit any time


Does this sound familiar? You’ve been pouring yourself out . . . for years and for good Kingdom causes. You’re depleted and if you’re honest, your hope might be tired too. It’s easy to think you’ll never really recuperate. But you can! Enroll today and start your journey to resting, refueling, reequipping, and refocusing.


The Annual Debrief course is a comprehensive self-debriefing course for cross-cultural workers to be able to debrief anywhere, any time, for a reasonable cost. Debrief as a family using the supplemental Annual Family Debrief course.



You will forever be marked by this COVID-19 season. How could you not be? Yet debriefing in-person is expensive and often not available. Whether you left or stayed, you have a lot to unpack. Now you can.



As soon as you purchase you can start your course or save it for later. It will always be accessible on your My Trellis dashboard. You can go through the material at your convenience.



Every Workshop or Course we offer is equpped with the ability to take notes on the content you are watching.  You can save your notes right on the site and print them later from your My Trellis dashboard.


Once you login you’ll be taken to the My Trellis dashboard where you can browse all the workshops and courses you have access to.  You can also view all the notes you’ve taken and print or manage them.

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