How is Trauma Different in Children Than Adults?

Nov 15, 2022 | 0 comments

No one escapes the bumps and bruises—or at times outright damage—that come with life.

But we don’t all experience these bumps the same. And while it is true that children can be amazingly resilient, the ways that they experience trauma are not the same as adults.

With this in mind, we asked Kierstie Ersch to put together a training track on trauma in children. Thus, the Trauma Training 200 Level track was created.

This month Kierstie answers the following questions in this workshop:

—Which types of trauma affect children the most?

—What are the specific ways trauma impacts children?

—How do children heal?

—What can I do AND how do I respond if a child I know experiences trauma?

This workshop particularly looks at trauma through the eyes of the child experiencing the trauma. So, whether you have children, work with children, or simply want to understand the local and expat kids in your life, you need this workshop.

It’s true that neither we nor our kids will escape the bumps, bruises, and assaults of this world. But it’s also true that you can grow in your understanding of trauma so that you can help to address those bumps, bruises, and assaults. By getting this workshop, you will be able to answer the four key questions that Kierstie addresses. Get it while it’s still 50% off!

Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash

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