How to guard a dream

Jun 29, 2021 | 0 comments

Friends, it is our annual “close down shop for two weeks” part of the year . . . Instagram will be a bit quieter and no new blog posts until July 13th. But before we go, we have a gift for you! This month’s workshop, “How To Guard A Dream” is FREE until July 13th.

How to Guard a Dream” considers three questions: what type of dreamer are you, what are the elements of good story telling, and how do you guard a dream? Dreams are God-given ways to experience the Kingdom of God here on earth. But they don’t just happen. Do you know how to guard your dream? Now you can.

Enjoy contemplating and praying for the dreams that God has given you! Get your free workshop here and see you in a couple of weeks . . .and happy dreaming.

Amy for the team

A Liturgy for My Dreams

Oh God, as I think of dreams

I remember Joseph

      and his literal night time dreams

      about his future.

While my dreams may come to me

      in the day,

      I ask that you help me steward them 

      with more maturity than young Joseph

      used with those around him.

God, you give these dreams as ways for

humanity to experience the Kingdom of God

here on earth.

      You use them to fight injustice,

      inspire the downtrodden,

      equip and educate those we encounter.

I pray that you will help me love you,

      the Dream-Giver, more than the dream.

I ask that you will keep me faithful to this dream

      for the long haul.

Bring traveling companions along the way 

who will 

      encourage me,

      help me carry this dream,

      and remind me of who I am and 

      Whose I am when the path feels long.

You have given me desires and gifts.

May I use them wisely in the cultures I live 

and among the people I cross paths with. 

Bring wise counselors and develop my long-suffering muscles.

Thank you for this dream.

For the ways it is fire in my belly,

hope for my heart,

and guides the work of my hand.


Grab your free gift, the workshop “How to Guard a Dream” here. Happy dreaming.

Amy Young

Life enthusiast. Author. Sports lover. Jesus follower. Supporting cross-cultural work.




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