Join as Global Trellis Prays for the World!

Aug 7, 2023 | 0 comments

Do you love the idea of praying for the world?


The thought of praying for the world either feels shallow because it’s too broad—“God bless Europe, God you know the needs of South America”—or overwhelming because it’s too much. 

But all of us together? We can pray one lap around the world and truly pray for the world.

Prayer.Global has divided the globe into 4,770 states based on geographical and governmental boundaries and provided information about each state.  Even if you don’t know anything about a place, your prayers can be more informed with the input. Each leg of prayer starts at one minute that’s marked with a non-intrusive timer so you don’t have to worry about praying long enough.

I want to be a part of praying for the world, but I also need a plan and a nudge to faithfully pray. For five days, we’re going to commit to pray one lap around the globe and if we end up praying more? That’s great!

Sign up today and you’ll get an email that shows you how to use Prayer.Global so you can practice before our lap starts on Monday, August 14th.

Here’s how it works:

1—You’ll pray for five days, Monday to Friday.

2—You’ll pray for a minimum of 1 location and 1 minute on Monday, 2 minutes and 2 locations Tuesday, 3 minutes and 3 locations on Wednesday, 4 minutes and 4 locations on Thursday, and 5 minutes and 5 locations on Friday.

3—You’ll be assigned locations by Prayer.Global. Here’s a two minute video and a google doc showing you how it works.

That’s a total of 15 minutes and 15 locations during the week. Prayer.Global will keep track of the locations and by the end of the week we will have prayed for the whole world and watched the map turn from dark blue to light!

If three hundred people join in, we can do this! 

Want to remember how big and vast and amazing the world is? Join.

Want to be a part of completing a lap with others like you who are committed to the Great Commission? Join.

Want a bit of variety in your prayer life? Join.

This is the first communal activity we’ve done where we truly need you or we can’t complete the task. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re needed at Global Trellis, you are. Join today and let’s pray for the world . . . together.

Join today and pray August 14 to 18th!

(This was a great week! We’ll do another prayer lap in November. If you’d like to be notified of our next lap, sign up below)

Amy Young

Life enthusiast. Author. Sports lover. Jesus follower. Supporting cross-cultural work.




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