Liturgy for Reflecting on One Year and Preparing for the Next

Dec 30, 2021 | 0 comments

Author of my days
Thank you that you 
Have ordained each moment
Of this year
And even when
I wasn’t aware of it
You were writing your 
Divine purpose
Into every season

As I reflect on the year that’s passed
Open my eyes to see how
Your hand was at work
In every situation
That my heart might respond
In worship to you, God
For in every victory
And in every loss
You are worthy of praise,
You who make all things beautiful
In your time

Remind me of your faithfulness
Show me your mercy
Reveal to me your kindness
That I might recognize
Your fingerprints on my life
And your sovereignty over
All my days
If there is unconfessed sin
Or bitterness in my heart
Would you show me
Gentle Christ,
That I might be free of
The fetters of my past failures
And move forward in your forgiveness

Holy Spirit, as I prepare
For the year ahead
Would you grant me 
Discernment and wisdom
So that every plan 
I make
And every idea
I dream up
Would be led by you
And rooted securely in my 
Identity in Christ
Never striving to make a 
Name for myself
But only seeking to
Glorify your own

May this time of reflection
And preparation
Draw me ever nearer to you
As I surrender 
Both past, present, and future
To your loving care
Knowing that I can trust you
For even if plans fail
And things change

I can find confidence in you
Oh Unchanging Father,
My one constant
My living hope
The same yesterday, today,
And forever


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Photo by Ümit Bulut on Unsplash

Heather Fallis

Lifelong wanderer, lover of Jesus, coffee, and words. Writer of Liturgies for a Life Abroad.




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