May 2022 Challenge Revealed!

May 3, 2022 | 0 comments

I love a challenge because they often bring a part of life into focus that I’ve been meaning to get around to or know is important … but frankly the noise of life can distract me from what’s important.

Cutting through that noise is your next Global Trellis challenge! We’ve designed it to be short enough to fit into the fullness of May, but powerful enough to return you to a simple truth we all need to intentionally revisit every so often.

Most people who use Global Trellis have been Christians for years and possibly on the field for a while. So, the topic of God’s love isn’t new and you might be tempted to go into autopilot and think, “I know, I know. God loves me.”

Try this, take a deep breath and say to yourself, “God loves me.” 

How does this simple truth sound to you right here in this moment? Do you sense afresh how amazing it is that God . . . loves . . . you? Whether or not you’ve had a moment of awe, this challenge was made just for you. It’s designed to be bite-sized doses of this truth that lets you savor each one without lots of noise. Our hope is that by going granular with this foundational aspect of our faith, you can experience the fact that God loves you in a meaningful way once again over the next four days. 

In the Simple Truth challenge you’ll:

— Download a short journal

— Watch a short video that will be emailed to you each day (all less than four minutes). Wendy Scott-Penson be your guide through this challenge in the videos.

—Use the journal to reflect on what Wendy shared, answer a few questions, and pray a breath prayer. Our hope is that the breath prayer can come to mind throughout the day, allowing this simple truth to sink even more deeply into your soul. 

You’ll also have a chance to experience God’s love in community! Those who join the challenge will be invited to a group experience via zoom with Lori Ferrell on May 11th at 1:00 pm MDT/3:00 pm EDT.

Spiritual Director and Rest Specialist Lori Ferrell will (1) briefly share on her journey from fear to love, (2) share spiritual practices that helped her move towards knowing herself as the beloved who experiences God’s love in her life, and (3) share a few spiritual practices for us to practice together allowing you to experience God’s love for you. Have you marked your calendar?

A four-day challenge has its limits, but if you invest fifteen minutes watching the video, taking notes, reflecting on a few questions, and ending with the daily breath prayer, I’m confident that God will use this challenge to tend your soul in the midst of your full life.

God truly does love you!

Amy Young

Life enthusiast. Author. Sports lover. Jesus follower. Supporting cross-cultural work.




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