Meet Lauren Wells

Oct 17, 2019

Welcome to Skill Building Thursday, friend,

As you know from Tuesday, this week we interrupt our normal broadcasting to introduce you to two people (Tim on Tuesday and Lauren today). You know that my philosophy of lasting change involves, in part, a slow and steady drip of information. With that in mind, I am looking for people who believe in Global Trellis and this on-going investment in your soul and your skills. On a quarterly basis we will rotate through topics and conversations so that they can seep into you (and me!). Lauren will be sharing about TCKs.

Several years ago Lauren and I became FaceBook friends, and in September when I posted I was attending Missio Nexus, she commented she would be attending too. What a randomly fortuitous God-perfectly-timed meeting! We clicked instantly, and Lauren bubbles with joy for TCKs.

I’m excited for you to meet her!

Lauren, share a bit about where you’ve lived overseas and what you were doing.

My family moved to Tanzania, East Africa when I was 12, and I lived there with my family through high school. They stayed there during my college years, so I would go back to TZ for summer breaks and teach various summer classes (ballet, music lessons, drama) at the international school. I knew at that point that I wanted to work with TCKs long term. 

Where are you now? What are you up to?

I currently live in Georgia, USA with my wonderful husband and our two daughters. We have family nearby and an amazing community around us! Outside of family life, I’m busy supporting families and organizations through my company TCK Training. We have a staff of about 20 people who are passionate about TCK care. I travel a bit for speaking events and training but I try to be home with my family as much as possible! At TCK Training, I am personally focused on our research initiatives on preventive TCK care, writing for various publications, developing new resources and programs, and making sure everyone on the team knows what is happening in the company and where we are headed (and hopefully getting them all excited about that in the process!)! 

What drew you to working with TCKs and their parents?

I loved growing up overseas, but it certainly was not without its share of challenges. When I realized that I was not the only TCK dealing with significant challenges in my early 20s and that, in fact, the majority of TCKs do, I really felt called to find ways to prevent those challenges early on in a TCK’s life. I studied a lot about Prevention Science and then began applying that to the TCK experience. I truly believe that parents can raise healthy kids overseas and that we can decrease the debilitating challenges that many face in adulthood if we apply a preventative philosophy in a practical way. So, that is what I am trying to do! 

Lauren, I’m so delighted we met in person last month and for your enthusiasm for the ways that TCKs and their parents can tend their souls and grow personally!

What questions/conversations would you like for Lauren to have with you? (P.S. This is not just for parents, as an “auntie” to many teammates under the age of 18, I needed to learn about TCK’s as well!)

One way to love your TCK? Understand better how God has wired them with this month’s workshop on Enneagram and Team Growth. Or watch with your teammates and discuss how the team can better love and support your kids.

Amy Young

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