Reflect and Prepare Packet is here! (& bonuses)

Dec 26, 2023 | 0 comments

This is an invitation to go deeper.

Sometimes when a year is all jumbled together inside of your head, heart, and soul, whatever is on the top of the pile is all that you can see. Sorting—aka reflecting and preparing—can help you to see gems or heartaches that you might miss because they are buried at the bottom.

But simply saying, “Reflect!” isn’t helpful. However, with a structured set of questions, you’re willing and able to spend time with God and possibly a friend or spouse and process the previous year. Once the processing has begun, you’ve created space to prepare for the next season.

Enter the 16 page reflection packet designed specifically for cross-cultural workers to Reflect on 2022 and Prepare for 2023.

The Reflect and Prepare Experience includes:

—The 16 page packet and a prayer for Reflecting and Preparing (Updated and reworked!)
—2 short videos unveiling easy, short, yet powerful framework to help you celebrate and touch base on loss  (NEW)
—2 opportunities to join a live zoom and meet with others who have worked through the packet

Herb Lamp said, “Without reflection, we lose the ability to see God at work in our lives. Without reflection, we lose perspective in regard to our lives and ministries. Without reflection, we lose the awareness that God is with us and not against us. Without reflection, we lose the sense of joyful delight that each day should bring.” (Journey with Me: Spiritual Formation for Global Workers, 57)

Said another way, with reflection you can

—See God at work in your life
—Have perspective on your life and ministry
—Gain awareness that God is for you and not against you
—Maintain a sense of joyful delight that each day can bring

This is your invitation to Reflect on 2023 & Prepare for 2024. By accepting it, you can start reaping the benefits. Will you accept the invitation :)?

Amy Young

Life enthusiast. Author. Sports lover. Jesus follower. Supporting cross-cultural work.




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