Returning Well: Your Guide to Thriving Back “Home” After Serving Cross-Culturally


Do you want to return well?

You can.

Returning Well invites you into a guided conversation with your Creator that will reveal and apply invaluable insights as you reflect on your recent season of cross-cultural service. By using Returning Well, you will discover how this season influenced you, how to re-integrate well, and what moving forward in faith means for you.

Returning Well is designed to be
Engaged–you actively follow your Creator’s lead
Customized–you select the topics most valuable to you
Tailored–to fit your personality, energy, and available time
Equipping–both for you and your chosen Companion
Empowering–revitalizing your health and wholeness

“I knew when I returned that my life had been drastically changed, but I didn’t know where to begin. The questions in Returning Well gave me a place to begin and were great springboards to dig deeper into some issues that I was surprised to uncover. I would highly recommend this to anyone returning from life in another culture.” –E.F., cross-cultural sojourner who used Returning Well in her return from Asia


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May 22, 2019

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