Selah—for your soul

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Take a moment to allow yourself to get comfortable, whether sitting or standing. Take a deep breath, and then another. If it feels comfortable place a hand on your heart. Allow yourself the gift of this moment to pause and be. 

Be still and know

that I am God

  an invitation…

Slow down

Permission to take time

  What do you notice?

Pay attention


  What do you want?

Take time

Breathe deep

  What do you long for?

Longings unearthed



Be still and know

I am here


I am with you




Let go


Simply be


(*Selah is a Hebrew word found in Psalms. While there is no agreed upon translation, it has been attributed to the idea of “to pause and reflect” which is how I am using it here.)

If you have time, allow yourself to linger even longer. You can set a timer for 5-10 minutes and allow yourself to sit, lie down, and simply be here with God. I find that placing one hand on my heart, and one on my belly helps me to experience a sense of being held and grounded in the present moment. The biggest obstacle (I believe) is giving ourselves permission to slow down and refrain from a productivity mindset. 

Share your experience below (even if it was not “positive”!)

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Lori Ferrell

Wife. Mom of boys. Founder of Sanctuary Vero. Spiritual Director.




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