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May 7, 2024 | 0 comments

Now that the High Five of Celebration (and Touching Base on Loss) are live in the world, people are experimenting with celebrating milestones, accomplishments, progress, faithfulness, and group endeavors.

Whenever I teach on this topic or send an email people ask the next logical question: how? HOW do I go about celebrating? I’m new to being a more intentional celebrator myself, so I don’t have a clear process, but I can say that spending 15 minutes every Sunday listing my High Five of Celebration and then Touching Base on Loss is a big part of my “how” right now. I can’t celebrate what I don’t notice.

As you think about how you celebration, here are a few initial ideas.

1. Celebrating needs to be tied to something that feels celebratory to you! Stickers on a chart (so you can see progress)? A walk in the middle of the day? Once a week over a meal going over the high five? Experiment with what works for you.

2. Spend time retraining of your brain — so, to write down your high five once a week for two months. Reviewing your week and noting the milestones, accomplishments, progress, faithfulness, and group endeavors will form you. The process of writing down with paper and pen is better than typing it. So, get a notebook and give yourselves 15 minutes a week to go through the High Five and Toughing Base on Loss. If you have family or a teammate, go over your lists together :).

3. Start giving out high fives when you notice one of these five in others. I’ve grown to love saying, “High five on ____, that’s quite and accomplishment!” or “High Five in the faithfulness I see in your parenting of that difficult situation you’re in” or “This is your fifth time doing (whatever), what a milestone! High five!” It’s fun to give out high fives. 

How about you? What are ways you celebrate? Take this short Google survey and I’ll share the ideas that are gathered. I hope this helps!

Have you gotten the High Five of Celebration? If not, I recommend this becomes a part of your rhythms. I’m in the midst of family medical crisis in which there are things to celebrate and a whole hot mess to mourn. Friends, putting this rhythm of celebration and mourning in place months before I (the “we” of my family) were in a crisis has helped me stay close to Jesus. It has helped me see celebrations I might have missed and honored the losses we are experiencing.

I want you to be able to say the same when your season of crisis comes. Get the High Five of Celebration and Touching Base on Loss here.

Let’s crowd source ideas for celebrating! Take the survey here and share an idea of how you celebrate.

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