What We Wish Senders Knew {Workshop and Discussion Guide}

Apr 9, 2024 | 1 comment

In January, 358 cross-cultural workers participated in an anonymous survey about what they think might jeopardize them being on the field. Why ask such a question?

I’m glad you asked! I was invited to present a workshop in late February called “Issues M’s Are Dealing with That You’re Not Talking About” to an audience of primarily senders. The people who attended the workshop came from church M committees, counselors, member care professionals, and people who care about cross-cultural workers. In my description for the workshop I said, “Let’s talk about the things we normally avoid: sex, politics, and changing culture.” 

As I told the survey participants, I could guess at what they are facing, but I wanted to ask them so that I could say, “Hey, here are real answers from real people.” I also like compiled results because they give a broader perspective than the little patch of grass that each of us is standing on.

The results poured in and were so insightful!

I have never had the response to anything that I’ve presented like I had to the workshop. Though both men and women were in attendance, the next day man after man came up to me, wanting to talk about and process what they heard.

“Can I hug you?” one asked. There was a need to physically respond to what cross-cultural workers are actually facing and not talking about.

“I feel like that song from The Beverly Hillbillies . . . ‘up from the ground came a bubbling crude, oil that is.’ Amy, this is just the beginning, there is SO MUCH to be mined!”

“Your presentation wasn’t anecdotal, it was what real people said.” Exactly “So, you need to do more surveys, we need to hear directly from people.” We will!

We wanted to give your senders the opportunity to hear this workshop as well. This version is geared for senders and is 52 minutes long. We’ve created a discussion guide for them that goes with the workshop.

Thank you for helping to get this into hands of member care providers, care committees, M committees, and individual senders.

Discussion Guide

In Letter and A4

Amy Young

Life enthusiast. Author. Sports lover. Jesus follower. Supporting cross-cultural work.



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  1. Steven Knudtsen

    Do you have the results of your survey written up if someone couldn’t watch the video? Steve Knudtsen


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