When is that available at Global Trellis?

Mar 8, 2023 | 0 comments

A couple of months ago my friend Elisa—who I worked with many moons ago in China—said, “Amy, remember how when I started my job in Member Care you had made a Year in a Glance document so I would know what to expect when in my first year on the job?

Yes, indeed, I did remember.

“Could you make one for Global Trellis because I’m not sure when things are available?”

Two lightbulbs went off. (1) The amazing reality that Global Trellis now has enough of a history to actually have annual rhythms!!! and (2) The annoying Curse of Knowledge was a work where I know when things will happen, but others might not.

Just imagine how confusing if would be if you didn’t have a sense of when Christmas is, or the beginning of the school year, or National Day in your host culture. 

So, now we have the Annual Rhythms of Global Trellis that you can refer to and share with people! These projects don’t just happen (duh!), so thank you to Stacey who edited it, Karen who made this great layout,  Elisa with the helpful suggestion, and to you who now knows it exists and will share it :).

You can find the Annual Rhythms here AND at the top of the Resource Page:

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