Why spend time with God?

Jul 26, 2022 | 0 comments

A few years ago I had the privilege of preparing several talks for a ladies’ retreat in southern California. In the process of waiting on the Lord and searching the Scriptures for His direction, I was awed by the examples I found of God’s people spending “face to face” time with Him. I started to see a pattern of God-movement in their lives that resulted from this intimacy, with profound consequences, too. They were given significant authority in their daily activities and speech following such encounters. I also noted there weren’t always pleasant outcomes and at times even significant suffering was in their future. But in each of these situations, a dynamic inner change existed that was physically noticeable to others.

Why should we spend time with God? This may seem a rhetorical or even obvious question. Many of us have been Christians for years, decades even, and perhaps take for granted the incredible privilege we have in this. Not every family values the action. Not every country allows it. What do we see as our goal and what is the benefit of spending time with the Lord? Is it worth dying for? That may not be an issue where you live but then again it might. Maybe our motives are selfish as we seek spiritual favor or brownie points?  Is our motive to look good in front of others or to give us bragging rights? If we step back and examine the question of “why?”, how many of us believe that an encounter with the living God changes people? If we are truly humbled in the process and find real joy in our relationship with Christ, there will be a noticeable change… and hopefully an ultimate resemblance to His image. 

As I explored these Biblical accounts of encountering the Living God, I stepped back and wondered, “Why do I spend time with God?”  As a poet, I wanted to capture this experience and the questions that it raised for me:

Moses’ face was radiant, he’d spoken with the Lord…

    Israel took notice, Moses could not be ignored.  (Ex. 34:19)

John and Peter also “shone” as ordinary men…

    Courage, strength were evidence with Jesus they had been. (Acts 4:13)

Stephen was a man of faith and Holy Spirit filled…

   Angelic was his face when by Sandhedrin he was killed. (Acts 6:15)

Paul was blinded by the light of Christ when visited.

   He became God’s witness to the church unlimited. (Acts 9)

Do you find God’s love shines through in glorifying ways?

    Joyful, gracious thoughtfulness and loving kind displays?

What leaks out when you are squeezed? or splashes when you’re bumped?

   Do you ooze a righteousness at all when you’ve been dumped?

Sometimes what leaks out is not at all a godly thought.

   Keep in mind He paid top price, His life for yours He bought! 

Look for Him and seek His face, spend time absorbing that,

    Wait there til your face reflects what you are looking at!

Dear Lord, as we seek your face daily, give us glimpses of your magnitude as you mold us more and more into the image and fragrance of your Son, our Lord and Master, in whose great Name we pray. Amen.

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Cindy Nelsen

Educator, Cross cultural worker, Poetic journaler



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