Why you need to debrief short trips

May 27, 2024 | 0 comments

A year ago after a relatively short trip back to her home country, one of you contacted me asking if we had any debrief resources for a short trip. She’d been caught off guard how much her trip needed processing … after all, it wasn’t that long. And certainly wasn’t a furlough, home assignment, or sabbatical, it was “just” a trip.

We didn’t have anything to debrief a short trip . . . until now :).

Not all time off the field is created equal. This packet is designed for those shorter times off the field that can easily slip through the cracks because you might tell yourself, “My trip wasn’t that long! No need to debrief.” But these shorter trips need processing just as much as longer ones do (and maybe even more!).

What constitutes a shorter trip? Maybe you spend a week off of the field to participate in a family event like a wedding, the birth of a baby, or your parent’s anniversary. Maybe your trip is because a family member is in a medical crisis or you need to deal with something that (maddeningly) you can only do in person. Perhaps your trip is because you have several weeks for a summer or winter break, but you’re considering it “a trip,” not a home assignment.

 This packet is divided into two sections for before and after you go: Preparing for Your Short Trip and Processing Your Short Trip.

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