A Prayer Inspired Rule of Life

May 9, 2023 | 0 comments

The life we live is our formation. We are being formed every day whether we acknowledge what is shaping our lives or not. Wouldn’t it be nice to be intentional about the person we desire to be?

We cannot avoid the environment in which we live any more than we can choose not to be human. The world in which we live, our communities, cultures, and environments are inevitably part of our lives and by default inform and form us. But that doesn’t mean we must live on the default setting. As Christ followers, we’ve chosen intentionally to set our path toward Christ. We are no longer bound to the default setting. There is a way to walk in step with the Spirit. However, in order to know the new way, we must be attentive, integrated, and grafted with Christ. As we’ve been exploring, a vine grafted in Christ needs a trellis to support this intentional, God directed way of life. That trellis is our rule of life.

As you recall from the previous weeks, a trellis is a helpful tool that aids God’s tender care of grafting, pruning, adjusting growth patterns and movements toward fruitfulness. A rule of life is the practice of noticing God’s presence in the world and reflects our choosing to hear and consent to God’s invitation toward how to become fruitful. 

Final weeks of the Rule of Life journey

Over the next two weeks, you will be listening closely to the Lord and begin discovering the shape of your trellis. The rule of life God has for you is personal, yet it will influence those around you by the fruit you will inevitably bear. Wait patiently to notice where God wants to lovingly, tenderly care for you and aid your holistic growth toward intentionality rather than letting the waves of daily life toss and turn you. Your rule of life is your new partnership agreement with God. It is the yes response to God’s love for you. 

You will notice this week is a time of prayerful examination. You will find the downloadable Prayer of Examen to reflect over the last ten weeks of devotions and begin to notice what comes to the surface in you that will lay the foundation for your rule. In the final week, Global Trellis will provide a template for your rule of life. This will be your official Rule of Life. 

Thank you for being willing to go on this journey with us. Our prayer is that you find and are able to live into the support God has for you in your life. It is our joy at Global Trellis to provide tools and resources to support you in your new Rule of Life. Please continue to use our resources page (link) to find the encouragement you need to walk in step with the Spirit and become fruitful.

You’ve spent ten weeks reflecting through many areas of your life with the Spirit. As you have prayed, I am sure new insights have risen to the surface for you. Now is the time to sit with those a final time in prayer, in silence if possible, and sift through them with the Lord. 

Use this Examen as a template each day this week. Pray and explore as the Spirit leads. Pay attention to what stirs excitement and joy for the Lord and to what feels stressful and heavy as if pulling you away from the Lord. Try to put all your desires before the Lord in prayer to see where they come together in partnership. Notice any invitations for change toward spiritual growth. Spend as much time as you need wrestling with your desires, wants, motivations, to discern what God is inviting you toward. I have no doubt there will be decisions to be made, just remember God wants to be part of it all. There is no rush to complete this part. You are free to take longer than a week if necessary or come back to this prayer while you are creating your rule of life. 

If you’re new to this series, you can catch up here.


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