In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month (and a giveaway)

May 11, 2023 | 51 comments

In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness month we have two resources for you:

  1. All four of the Trauma Training workshops bundled together (see descriptions below)
  2. A chance to win the Cerny Smith Assessment (even if you won one last year, if it’s been at least six months, you can enter again)!

Here’s a silly question:

Do you have stress in your life?

Of course you do. A better question would be, do you know how to handle the stress? If you’ve never heard of the CSA, here’s a description of the $200 prize you could win. Russell Semen has written this four part series on stress:

What is stress?

How does your body respond to stress?

What role does your mind play in responding to stress?

Is it possible to live an stress-free life?

You can find all of the articles related to stress and stress management here. I’ll share about the Trauma Training Bundle and then at the bottom is how to win the Cerny Smith Assessment and time with Russell Semen.

No matter who you are, you will encounter trauma on the field … whether in the lives of those you came to serve, those you serve with, and even in your own personal experience. Have you ever been unsure what to do with the trauma you encounter be that in a teammate or local friend? This 4 workshop bundle is for you! You’ll be equipped in the basics of trauma, have tangible resources in hand, and answers to the key questions you face repeatedly. You no longer have to feel lost or unable to help!

Trauma Training 101: The Basics

This workshops lays a foundation for trauma by addressing 5 core questions that will help you with the trauma you encounter.

Trauma Training 102: Secondary Trauma & Self Care

You may not directly experience a trauma, but hearing what others experience can be traumatic. Become better equipped to handle the secondary trauma you encounter. This workshops answers 5 core questions related to secondary trauma, allowing you (and those you work with) to cope and heal.

Trauma Training 103: Healing Interventions

You, a loved one, or local friend experience a trauma. Now what? Enter Kierstie Ersch who will equip you in this workshop to help with the healing process. If you’ve ever wondered, “What can I do?” The workshop will help you answer that question.

You’ve got a handle on what trauma IS (after Trauma Training 101 and 102), now what? What can you do? What are “Healing Interventions?” Intervention is a fancy way of saying “taking action to improve a situation.” So healing interventions are the actions we take to improve a situation by bringing about healing. We will cover  ways to bring healing in the different stages of healing.

Trauma Training 104: Understanding Interpersonal Trauma

Interpersonal Trauma (IPT)  is when we’re hurt by another person or by a group of people. This can include strangers, acquaintances, friends, or loved ones. Pain caused by others can be significantly harder to overcome. But the good news is you can overcome it and help others overcome it too!

Get the Bundle HERE

We are so grateful to bring these resources to you and help you grow where you are. To help serve you better we are conducting a survey (and win a $10 Amazon gift card) by taking this survey.

Because we do not want to add to your stress, we wanted you to have a decent chance of winning the CSA! A significant donor has offered to pay for 20 of you to win the CSA (including the assessment and an hour with Russell going over your results)! You can use it any time in the next 8 weeks :). To be entered, leave a comment on this post and we’ll draw the winners on Monday.

Amy Young

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  1. Stephanie Smith

    Very interested

    • Tina

      Hoping to win!

  2. Ashley

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Jay Dickerson

    Really interested to learn more!

    • Emily

      Interested to learn more!

  4. EC

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sam

    I would love to do this.

  6. Mar

    I’ve been reading some books on trauma and super interested in the workshop!

  7. April

    Fascinating! Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  8. Gemma Maxwell

    This is sounds so needed and useful! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Kristi Patty

    I’m especially interested in learning more about interpersonal trauma as a leader and a team member.

  10. Tiana

    I would love to learn how to better process my stress.

  11. Carolyn Gardner

    I’ve been interested in Cerny for a number of years now, but never been available when it’s offered.

  12. Sarah

    Looks awesome and so helpful!

  13. Stephanie J. Edgar

    I would love to learn healthier ways of managing my stress and not allowing it to hijack my days.

  14. Rachel

    Is it possible to live a stress free life ?!? Or at least a life free of the distress and anxiety that so easily appears…

  15. Charity

    Thank you for offering these as helpful tools.

  16. Karen

    Very interested! Looks like some great resources!

  17. Jennifer

    This is so exciting! I have wanted to learn how to give this test for my dreams of a member care center. Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. F.G. Homsher

    Found managing stress to be a major challenge on the field. Interested in this info.

  19. Hannah Schoenig

    Thank you for the giveaway!!

  20. Liz

    leaving a comment

    • Kelsey

      This sounds like it may be really helpful!

  21. Megann

    That sounds helpful!

  22. Liz

    I’d love to win this. What a great opportunity to help people process trauma. Love it!

  23. Liz

    I’d love to win this. What a great opportunity to help people process trauma. Love that you are doing this!

  24. Anya Hursh

    I’m living in a country at war…. that’s more than a little stressful. I’d love to win this! God bless the generous donor!

  25. Carol Halm

    Thanks for this opportunity to win something that could be so helpful!

  26. Gwen

    Thanks for offering this! Question: I am currently serving from the US, but in a very stressful season of life, is this offer for US-based people too?

  27. Melissa Hawley

    This looks like an amazing package!

  28. Netter

    I’ve always wanted to take CSA thanks for this opportunity to win!
    Often I hold stress and don’t even realize or recognize I’m doing it. Also the trauma workshop bundle is a great offer . Thank you Amy

  29. Tricia Chen

    Thankful for this opportunity to learn more about how to deal with stress!

  30. Mirna Noronha Barbosa

    I hope to win, it would be so helpful ! To continue to process some trauma and also this transition we are going through as family ( re-entry)

  31. KC

    Thanks so much for this opportunity!!!

  32. AP

    Am in a new season of high change, language acquisition, and unpredictable travel of others in and out of the country. Would love to learn more!

  33. Paul Johnson

    I’ve heard a lot about this assessment, but haven’t had the opportunity to take it. It would be great to learn more!

  34. ashley

    loved the assessment last year! would love to win again and see where we are at after our big move

  35. Corinne Babcock

    I am once again in the throes of trauma… so grateful for the resources you offer! THANK YOU!

  36. Emilie L

    Managing stress on the field is definitely a skill I would love to develop and grow in, especially as a first termer.

  37. Amy Young

    Entering on behalf of Phyllis 🙂

  38. Carmen

    I’m interested!

  39. Fern

    Would love for the chance to take an actual course on the topic! Lots of stressful situations happening right now.

  40. Paulette

    I sure wish it were possible to live a stress-free life! 🙂 But since it’s not, the CSA is a helpful tool, and what a blessing that there is another giveaway for this!

    And to anyone thinking about getting the Trauma workshop bundle, I’d highly recommend you get and watch them as soon as you can! These workshops helped me so much personally with things I experienced on the field, as well as great training to help all of us walk with others who have experienced trauma, with more competence and compassion.

  41. MH

    Would love to be able to take this assessment. Dealing with high stress both personally and in ministry.

  42. Renessa

    Thank you for this opportunity

  43. Deb Griffith

    Wow. Trauma when it hits heart, and home when physically away from all family and usual supports is a wobbly place. A CSA could open a discussion to better trajectory.

    • Breanne

      Not sure if the draw has taken place yet, but if there’s still time I’d like to enter 🙂

  44. Cindy Rodewald

    Hope I’m not too late would love to take the assessment!

  45. Harry Harm

    Thanks for offering free items.


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