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Dec 11, 2019 | 0 comments

I’ve shared before that one of the Global Trellis Specialists is in the area of finances. I’ll formally introduce you to Heath in the new year. To help him have a clearer picture of your life, we have created the following survey to understand the financial needs of you on the field. Here is the intro to the survey:

“We understand that finances in full-time ministry can be complex. On the one hand, we live by faith, trusting God. On the other hand, He has entrusted us with a certain degree of personal responsibility. In addition, we all come from different passport countries with different health care, educational, and retirement systems. This survey is completely anonymous so that you are able to share freely. Thank you for taking the time to help us understand your world better so that we can serve you more effectively. Our hope is to foster financial contentment and the ability to rest in the Lord’s provision.”

Please take the survey here.

The survey has only been mentioned in one comment on one blog, yet people are already taking it!

Here are a few of the results:

What are your current three most pressing financial stresses?

—PhD tuition. Possibility of monthly salary cut. Savings being depleted (yet, grateful I had minimal savings).
—Needing to raise support for our children’s educational needs — high school 
—Retirement, retirement, retirement.
—big repair for our vehicle, saving money
—Churches dropping us because we were forced to change fields, the rising cost of living abroad, the dropping value of our sending country currency

What financial issues and areas would you like for Global Trellis to discuss or provide training? 

How to feel confident in direct asking for support. 
Retirement // How to send your kids to college // Balancing saving and wise living
Communicating with donors.
Finding new partners when you feel your resources are tapped out.
I think at this point churches receiving training on why they can’t just drop support out of the blue is most urgent.

In the New Year, you’ll get to officially meet Heath; hopefully is the first of several financial specialists who can help provide resources that foster financial contentment and provision.

Thanks for taking the survey!

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