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Jun 10, 2021 | 0 comments

You know the feeling when you realize the shirt you planned to wear is dirty and suddenly you’re scrambling trying to figure out what to wear? 

Annual Debrief is the metaphorical equivalent of doing your “life laundry.” Not that you’ll never scramble, but times of scrambling will be further apart! You’ll also be reminded of what IS in your wardrobe.

Imagine yourself able to dress appropriately (metaphorically) for your life, ministry, and culture . . .  and the freedom that comes from being able to be present. 

Annual Debrief(ing) allows you the gift of presence to your life, your relationships, and to God.

Which of these myths about debriefing have you heard?

Debriefing needs to be done by professionals (and is expensive). 

Truth: While there will be times that you might need outside help, often professionals are needed because of the amount you accumulated or because you don’t have a plan. The Annual Debrief course will allow you to debrief bit-sized amounts in a systematic way.

Debriefing needs to be done in-person. 

Truth: We are fans of in-person debriefing! But it is often expensive, requires travel, and you might be on a waiting list for months. With the Annual Debrief course you have access to debriefing that you can do yourself without having to travel, sleep in a strange bed, or wait for the stars to align. The most important part of debriefing is a plan and with this course, we’ve got you covered!

Debriefing is only for traumatic or “big events.”

Truth: Debriefing is like doing laundry—it is simply a part of life. Sure, sometimes the loads are larger or the clothes are smellier, but you’d never say, “I only wash my clothes at the end of my term.” Annual Debriefing allows you to have more bandwidth and resources to handle the hard or bumpy seasons because you’ve been “doing your laundry” along the way.

Both the Annual Debrief and the Annual Family Debrief are available until Sunday, June 13th at midnight MST.

Start doing your life laundry today. Buy one or both of the debriefings here, do them at your convenience.

Amy Young

Life enthusiast. Author. Sports lover. Jesus follower. Supporting cross-cultural work.




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