Liturgy for Graduating TCKs

May 18, 2021 | 2 comments

This prayer is for the parents of TCKs and was born out the reality that three people on the Global Trellis team have graduating high school seniors and another team member has a daughter going off to college after a COVID gap year. So, we get it! If you’re a parent, pray this for your graduating TCK. If you’re a family member, teammate, auntie, uncle, or just love a graduating TCK, pray this for them. We love you, graduating TCK, and this is our hope and prayer for you.

Dear God,

I knew this day was coming,

but when I first held this child

it seemed so far off.

I have prayed many prayers

                  for (insert child’s name) 

                  over __________

                  and because of __________.

And now it is time to release them.

God, help me in the releasing.

May I not be the worst version of myself

                  either holding on too tightly 

                  or too loosely

Because I am not ready.

Lord, thank you that they carry so many

                  rich experiences, cultures, and people   

                 with them into the next phase of life.

Prepare me to walk with them from afar.

Prepare me 

                 for the times I am too tired to listen,

                 for the times I am unsure of how to guide and advise,

                 for the times I want to rush in and need to restrain myself.

Thank you for bringing this child to my family.

Thank you for adding their personality 

and interests to my life.

Thank you for letting them taste that you are the 

God of the universe, and not just one country.

Go before them, behind them, with them.

                 Protect them.

                 Provide for them.

                 Grow them.

                 Keep them close to You.

Lord, help me in this releasing

                 to trust myself to let go

                 to trust them in the going

                 and to trust You in the keeping of them.


You can download the prayer to use on a prayer walk, keep in your Bible, or hang in your home to pray for your graduating TCK.

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  1. Wilma Findlay

    Thank you so much to those on your team who crafted this. Even though my child is grown and out of the house I would have clung to this as a lifeline when sending her off into the college chapter of life. “Because I am not ready…Lord, help me in this releasing…”

    • Amy Young

      Wilma, you’re so welcome! We all need lifelines 🙂


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