Liturgy for those who encounter trauma on the field

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In this space we come from different traditions, but the same family: the Family of God. Whether you are more comfortable with the word prayer or liturgy, both work. This month as we discuss trauma, we wanted a corporate prayer that we can bathe one another in when it comes to this subject. You can also print it out so that you can pray it for yourself, your team, your local friends, and other cross-cultural workers.

Liturgy for those who encounter trauma on the field

Lord, this is for those who encounter trauma
on the field.
Which is to say
it is for all of us
  it is for me.

Often we are unequipped or underequipped
for the trauma we encounter. 
We don’t know 
the full history, 
the cultural norms, 
or the reasons that have come together 
to cause this harm.

Thus, we are unequipped or underequipped 
for the ensuing
conversations and
horrors we hear and 
decisions we might be asked to make.

Help us Lord.

As we encounter historical trauma
help us to hold history and hope.
Joining with Christ who taught us to pray for
The Kingdom of God to come to earth.
May it come even in this, even here.

Help us Lord.

As we encounter those affected by natural disasters,
even long forgotten ones.
Help us to listen and 
stand in witness to the devastation.
You have done it before, again we ask you to calm these storms.

Help us Lord.

As we encounter cruelty done 
to fellow humans and creatures.
Help us to remember you are a God who weeps.
We ask for healing for what has happened and
that through the works of our hands 
future harm is prevented.

Help us Lord.

As we encounter trauma to our own minds, bodies, and souls.
Help us to 
turn to you
turn to each other
turn to experts and caregivers.

Help us grow in our capacity to suffer with those who suffer.
And heal us, oh Lord, from these wounds of our work, 
trusting that we are not damaged goods.
Oh God who has seen all and not given up on humanity,
May we bear your image in the trauma we encounter.


Our graphic artist, Karen Huber, has created a beautiful version for you to print off and hang in your home or keep in your Bible.

No matter who you are, you will encounter trauma on the field whether in the lives of those you came to serve, those you serve with, and even in your own personal experience. This month’s workshops lays a foundation for trauma by addressing 5 core questions that will help you with the trauma you encounter. Get Trauma Training 101: The Basics today.

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