Postcards Across the Liturgical Year

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Postcards come from traveling roads, here, there, and yonder. The road from Advent circles back around to Advent. Travels along the liturgical calendar road lead to Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost, Ordinary Time, then back to Advent again. 

Along the way, this calendar ponders the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. We trace our life as God’s people invited to live out the good news of Jesus in the world. Distinct colors, holy practices, overarching moods, and theological underpinnings weave their way through the liturgical calendar and its accompanying lectionary of readings in the Old Testament and New Testament. We develop holy rhythms meant to encourage us as we follow Jesus. 

Wherever we are on the road of the year, there’s no better place to be than with Jesus.

In Advent we await Jesus, recalling His arrival in Bethlehem and His Future return.

A postcard from Advent might ask: How do you wait?

Christmas celebrates the incarnation of Christ: God with us.

A postcard from Christmas might ask: How do you celebrate?

Epiphany marks the revelation of Christ as the Magi visit.

A postcard from Epiphany might ask: How do you reveal Christ to others?

Lent traverses the season of repentance and preparation as we await Christ’s walk to the Cross.

A postcard from Lent might ask: Of what do you repent?

Holy Week recalls Christ’s last earthly week: Palm Sunday, the Cross, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.  

A postcard from Holy Week might ask: How do you behold Christ in Holy Week?

Easter’s bright dawn at the empty tomb declares Christ is alive. 

A postcard from Easter might ask: How do you declare Christ is risen?

Pentecost points the way to the Holy Spirit’s descension and Christ’s Ascension.

A postcard from Pentecost might ask: How do you show forth the Holy Spirit in your life?

In Ordinary Time, we pilgrims journey onward to love and serve the Lord, in light of who Christ is and what He has done for us. 

A postcard from Ordinary Time might ask: How do you stay fully alive to Christ and offer Him to others?

Returning to Advent, Advent declares He came to earth, God-with-us, and He’ll come again.

A postcard from Advent might ask: How do you wait?

Through all the postcards written across the liturgical year, Christ beckons us to draw near. His postcards invite: “Come, My Beloveds. Be with Me. Become fully alive, fully free, fully healed by being ever in intimate communion with Me.”

—What helps you stay delightfully engaged with Jesus, Father, and Spirit throughout the year? 

—What besetting sins trip you up?

—What would you like to write to Jesus on each postcard of the liturgical year?

May your journey in this 2024 liturgical year find you savoring frequent love notes from Jesus. May you send many adoring postcards back His way. 

Lane Arnold

Jesus Lover. Joy Hunter. Teacher. Trained Spiritual Director. Life Coach. Author & Writer & Editor




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