This really could be you after a home assignment

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We want you to be like this Sabbatical Journey Course alumni who said:

“Almost a year out from my Sabbatical Journey Course and my teammates and local ministry partners have noticed a change in me as a result of this course. Global Trellis helped me slow down, rest, heal, recover, grow, and now thrive as I serve the Lord again overseas!” 

Imagine yourself . . .

Returning to the field after your home assignment. With the plan provided in the Sabbatical Journey Course, God’s in the driver’s seat and you’re the co-pilot so you can be intentional with your time and ready for what God has next for you.


—Your organization told you to take a furlough, home assignment, or sabbatical. And now you need a plan.

—You’ve heard about a sabbatical and they sound great, but you have no idea what they entail.

—You want to rest, refuel, reequip, and refocus during this time, but you know that good intentions are not encough.

Too many cross-cultural workers miss key opportunities on sabbatical and return to the field frazzled and ill-equippedfor what’s next. That doesn’t have to be true of you!

The Sabbatical Journey Course adapts to any length of sabbatical; and on purchase you have a road map for your sabbatical and access to all of the material. It is divided into four quarters: rest, refuel, reequip, and refocus. Begin your home assignment with a plan to return recharged and equipped. Get your plan here.

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