Your Heart for “The Work” (Week 5)

Mar 21, 2023 | 0 comments

Welcome to week 5 of our ten devotionals. Even though we’re halfway through, it’s good to review why we’re spending 10 weeks on these devotionals. The goal of the devotionals is to allow you to assess different parts of your life before you start building a rule of life. Thus far we considered our roles and relationships (week 1), spiritual gifts, talents, and temperament (week 2), desires and longings (week 3), and God’s vision for his kingdom (week 4). In week five you’ll spend time with God exploring more deeply his place for you in the Great Commission.

Here’s a snippet from this week’s worksheet: “Last week we explored God’s kingdom vision. When he reveals his will, he sends us to participate in it. You have spent time discerning your place and calling in the world and have responded to God. The Great Commission is very much the fabric of your life, so as you spend time in this area, I encourage you to recall how you came to be where you are. What did the process look like? What messages did God speak into your life? How did he confirm and affirm your call? This week you will explore if your heart for ‘the work’ has evolved? Use your reflections from last week and explore them deeper with this week’s questions.”

As we said last week, given your line of “work” you might wonder if this week is necessary. But that’s kind of the point of these worksheets and giving a space to these weekly focuses. Perhaps you’ve been on the field for decades or you’re new to a region or your organization is adjusting to new realities post-Covid, this week you’ll have time with God to look at your place in the Great Commission.

We’re praying for you!

If you’re new to this series, you can catch up here.

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