Exploring Your Attachments (Week 7)

Apr 11, 2023 | 0 comments

Hello friend,

I’d like to pause and ask how are you? How is this process for you? As you know, we designed these weeks to have enough movement that we’ve explored a number of topics. Yet, slow enough that you have space to interact with a topic with some depth. Thus far we considered our roles and relationships (week 1), spiritual gifts, talents, and temperament (week 2), desires and longings (week 3), God’s vision for his kingdom (week 4), your place in “the work” (week 5), and time (week 6). This week you’ll spend time with God exploring your attachments more deeply. Why are we doing this? The goal of the devotionals is to allow you to assess different parts of your life before you start building a rule of life. Looking at “attachments” in the week after Easter is not an accident.

Here’s a snippet from this week’s worksheet: “Congratulations on sticking with this practice. The self-awareness in which you are growing has not been easy. I encourage you to be patient with yourself and remember God loves you. This week you will reflect on all your relationships as well as consider any disordered attachments in your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate how God desires to form you into the image of Christ. You may keep this question in the back of your mind: What kind of person do I want to be in relation to God and others?”

We know from attachment theory that attachments are good and necessary, but not all attachments are the same.

We’re praying for you this week that God may help you be attached to things that bring life and able to detach from those that bring death.

If you’re new to this series, you can catch up here.


Elizabeth Forshee

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