Sin and Resiliency on the Field

Apr 3, 2023 | 0 comments

None of us went to the field thinking, “I can’t wait to see how my sin life takes off!”

An organization that does field orientation contacted me with a request. They have a unit on “resiliency on the field” and noticed that many who participate in their training think that because they have been called by God into full-time ministry, they will get a dispensation on sinning.

Those of us who have been on the field know this isn’t true.

We also know this isn’t a new subject. Paul expressed this tension well when he asked in Romans 7 about doing what he didn’t want to do and not doing what he wanted to do. Everyone reading this has at least one heart-breaking story related to sin.

Previously, we didn’t have any resources to offer, but the subject is so important to you, your family, and your ministry that we took three actions to help you with the tension of sin and resiliency:

1. Got your input through anonymous “sin survey”. Thanks to the many of you who participated!

2. Created two different workshops related to sin and resiliency from the results: one for those preparing for or new to the field AND one for those who are in the long haul.

3. Designed a unique resource that you can use in your daily life!

Because you asked

Many of you asked to see the results of the survey. To avoid confusion, we have made three options and they are all available right now as the “workshop of the month” at a discounted price.

Sin and Resiliency in Your First Term (here)

Sin and Resiliency for the Long Haul (here)

Bundle: both Sin and Resiliency in Your First Term and Sin and Resiliency for the Long Haul (here)

There are about 15 minutes of overlap between the two first term and long haul versions, but the overall focus and information shared is different. They are prerecorded and available upon purchase.

Now, about the resource we created? I cannot wait for you to get it into your hands. It includes 3 key questions to ask yourself when it comes to sin that don’t look like the typical “sin questions”. They have been designed in downloadable versions to hang around your home or put in your daily reading.

When I showed them to a friend on the field she said, “What life giving questions! Amy, if we all approached sin this way, it would be a game changer.”

Indeed it would, and that’s our hope! Friends, how much is sin costing you? In time, relationships, financially? By purchasing this workshop, not only are you tending your own soul, you are enabling us to continue to serve many faithful servants like you all over the globe.

Thank you for supporting the work of Global Trellis with your questions, input, and purchases! These two workshops are ideal for individuals and for organizations who want to get them for each person they serve. Together, we can turn to the light and freedom that Jesus has for us!

Amy Young

Life enthusiast. Author. Sports lover. Jesus follower. Supporting cross-cultural work.




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