Finances and your soul

Mar 9, 2021 | 0 comments

When I was a kid, one of my friends had a ton of drink options at her home that we didn’t have at my house. For fun one day, we decided to create different drink combos. For example, what would cranberry juice and milk taste like? Every now and then we hit on a surprise hit, but more often than not, the results were disgusting.

Maybe that’s how you feel by simply reading the title of this post. Finances? My soul? Together?! Disgusting. But is it? Today’s post is short because it’s actually a podcast conversation for you to listen to. Tim Austin (transition specialist), Lori Ferrell (spiritual direction specialist), Daniel Whitt (financial specialist), and I explore the relationship between finances and your soul in this rich conversation.

You can listen here:

on Tim’s podcast or

Want to read the discussion?

If you’d rather read the conversation or refer to it later, here is a transcript for you:

Key questions

that came up in our discussion for you to consider on this topic:

—What conflicts do you feel? How do you navigate them?

—How much do you make public about your finances?

—Shifting from “How do I steward my supporters’ money?” to “How do I steward God’s resources?” 

—What invitations from God do I sense?

—How does stage of life factor in?

Thankfully God isn’t a “bar tender in the sky” randomly mixing together parts of our life; instead He is a loving God who wants us to live integrated lives! Thank you, Tim, Lori, and Daniel for this rich discussion.

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