Global Trellis 2021 Workshops

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Every now and then it’s good to step back and view the big picture. That’s what we’re doing today as we pause and look over the Global Trellis workshops from 2021. Look at the variety! There’s something for everyone, that’s for sure.

If you’ve taken one, pull out your notes and reflect on what you learned. Or get one that you want to take in 2022. Whether for your soul, skills, or sanity, these workshops will continue your personal and professional development on the field.

Rethinking Debriefing — Is debriefing only for crisis or the end of a term? Sure, if you want to get a fraction of the debriefing benefits. But what if you want to live a rich, fully integrated life in the midst of the realities you face? This workshop is for you!

Trauma Training 101: The Basics — No matter who you are, you will encounter trauma on the field whether in the lives of those you came to serve, those you serve with, or even in your own personal experience. This workshop lays a foundation for trauma by addressing 5 core questions that will help you with the trauma you encounter.

The What and How of Lament — Sure, you’re familiar with the idea of lament. And you believe it would help you and God process the big and small losses woven into your life, but you’re not sure where to start. In this workshop, Lane is the lament guide you didn’t know you needed.

Trauma Training 102: Secondary Trauma & Self Care — You may not directly experience a trauma, but hearing what others experience can be traumatic. Become better equipped to handle the secondary trauma you encounter. This workshop answers 5 core questions related to secondary trauma, allowing you (and those you work with) to cope and heal.

Increase Your Marriage Intimacy — Which of these areas could your marriage use some fortifying? True intimacy has four components: friendship, encouraging words, physical affection, and forgiveness. In this workshop you will have access to the Intimacy Assessment, tools and ideas to build each area, and date ideas for The Intimacy Challenge. Your marriage will thank you!

How to guard a dream — This workshop considers three questions: What type of dreamer are you, what are the elements of good story telling, and how do you guard a dream? Dreams are God-given ways to experience the Kingdom of God here on earth. But they don’t just happen. Do you know how to guard your dream? Now you can!

Preparing Your TCK for College — Does the thought of helping your TCK apply to college send shivers up your spine? Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure where to even start? In this workshop, Kristi Steele will provide you a four year road map starting with 9th grade. She will guide you through what you and your TCK need to focus on in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade to be ready for college.

Counseling 103 For Lay People — Have you ever felt resentful? Or like others always come to you because they know they can “count on you?” Or wondered why people text you late at night (or early in the morning or during your quiet time)?! This workshop about boundaries is for you.

Walking Through Trauma With Others — You or someone you know will experience a medical trauma, a crime, or other traumatic situation that you are ill-equipped to face. Until now. From personal experience and the wisdom of others, Laura Bowling will equip you to walk through trauma with others . . . both in the immediate and over the long haul.

Trauma Training 103: Healing Interventions — You, a loved one, or local friend experience a trauma. Now what? Enter Kierstie Ersch who will equip you in this workshop to help with the healing process. If you’ve ever wondered, “What can I do?” this workshop will help you answer that question.

Spiritual Direction For Advent — Do you find waiting hard? Don’t miss what God has for you this month, learn to “scale the wall of waiting” and encounter Christ. Your soul will thank you for this workshop lead by spiritual director Lane Arnold.

And more to come in 2022! Thank you to the fantastic presenters. What topics would you like for us to cover in 2022?

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