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Mar 8, 2022 | 0 comments

I’m currently writing a book about redefining fruitfulness in ministry based on the fruit of the Spirit instead of other metrics. I started writing it over two years ago and had put it aside while working on other projects; but thanks in part to the Grow in 2022 course creating a structure for goals to come to life, real traction is occurring!

Today, I was editing and rewriting the chapter on peace, and wouldn’t you know it, I was reminded of a time when a VP in my organization and I had a massive rift in our relationship. We’re talking epic, people. Feeling a bit forlorn and caught between a rock and a hard place, my boss wanted the VP and me to “not let the sun go down on our anger.” You’ll have to read about it when the book comes out (wink!), but rereading my own words and experiences right before writing this post brought the importance of forgiveness into sharp focus.

Forgiveness for small infractions can be uncomfortable to navigate, but very doable. Forgiveness is also for the massive rifts that can occur on the field and in the local fellowships you’re serving.

As Christians, we talk about forgiveness often . . . and rightly so! But when was the last time you got a tune-up and spent both time and a bit of money refreshing how to discuss this foundational aspect of our faith? This month’s workshop is a part of the Back to Basics theme.

Building on the forgiveness overview (Forgiveness 101) and experiencing the full depths of it yourself (Forgiveness 102), you are now ready for the piece that is a hallmark of our faith: forgiving others. What do you do when forgiveness is not coming easily? Or a new believer asks you how to forgive someone, and you find yourself stumbling over your answer and eventually say, “You just forgive them.”

Then this workshop is for you!

Christ died for sins and to restore what’s been broken . . . but sometimes it’s tricky to extend His forgiveness to others. In this workshop, Shonna will equip you to:

—Answer the question, “Why do we need to forgive others?” Beyond “just because you do.”

—Walk you through a process of how you can forgive others

—Be aware of who you may need to forgive (as a cross-cultural worker you’ll be surprised who is on the list)

—Lead yourself and others through a “Forgiveness Exercise”

I sincerely hope you do not experience a massive rift with someone in your organization or that you work with. But if you do, this month’s workshop Forgiveness 103: Forgiving Others will have prepared you well and enable you to forgive them.

Photo by Mikail Duran on Unsplash

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