How to be Better at Celebrating

Feb 27, 2024 | 2 comments

I grew up singing a song with the line, “It only takes a spark to get a fire going, and soon all those around can warm up in its glowing.”

Well, I’m here to strike my metaphorical match and I hope that you and I are about to start a fire that will warm ourselves and those around us!

In the fall, I discovered a discovery that was so obvious it’s painful: we cross-cultural workers say we value celebrating but we STINK at it. And just saying, “Let’s get better!” did nothing but get a room of 25 lovely people smiling at me with friendly blank looks. (Watch the attached short video for the whole story!)

Valuing celebrating wasn’t the problem. Having an easy to implement system to actually celebrate was the problem. Thus the High Five of Celebration model was born. Last month, we shared this model as a part of the annual Reflect and Prepare packet to see if it resonated with cross-cultural workers like you.

Without even fishing for feedback, it was one of the first things people mentioned!

I read that we need to stop talking about trying to lived balanced lives. Life will never be perfectly balanced. Instead, we should work towards being more integrated. While we seem to be in no danger (sadly) of over-celebrating, as integrated people we are able to celebrate and process our losses.

With this in mind, I also created the Touching Base on Loss model with that hope that you have two simple, easy, and highly effective ways to actually celebrate and process your loss in less than 30 minutes a week.

Get two short (10 minute) videos and handouts for both the High Five of Celebration and Touching Base on Loss and let’s start becoming better at celebrating and touching base on loss. Get them, try them out, and then let’s talk again.

Just valuing celebrating isn’t enough, but the High Five of Celebration is the spark to light a fire that could warm your life, your family, and your team!

Is a lack of celebrating the “full life” that God has for us? No, no it is not. Not even close. He has so much more for us. Get the videos and handouts and help the fire of celebration spread to your part of the world. Are you with me?!

Amy Young

Life enthusiast. Author. Sports lover. Jesus follower. Supporting cross-cultural work.




  1. John

    Thanks, Amy. Now I have that song going in my head….
    We really do appreciate the resource and focus on celebration! Very encouraging!

    • Amy Young

      “How I wish you for you my friend, this happiness that I’ve found” in the high five of celebration and God :)!!! (You set me up! I had to! Ha!)


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