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It’s time for our annual look back at the most popular Global Trellis articles in 2021. Here is what you, our readers, particularly liked this past year:

1. Walking through Holy Week by Lane Arnold — Each day of Holy Week, read one of the scriptures for that day, then behold Jesus. Simply watch what He does. Listen to what He says. Observe how His emotions are on display.

2. The type of habit you need in 2021 by Amy Young — Outcome habits can look a lot like goals. In contrast, identity habits point to something deeper: the type of person you want to be. James Clear suggests deciding on the type of person you want to be and then proving it to yourself with small wins.

3. My story with Postpartum Depression on the field by Monica F — I’m still surprised by it. Seventeen years later, there is a tiny piece of me that feels a tad nervous, a tad concerned for how I might be perceived. There is no reason to feel this way, but the ongoing stigma surrounding postpartum depression in Christian circles creates a great deal of hesitancy to talk about it. PPD affects millions of women, every year, all over the world, but for many women it’s a hidden story. I had never heard of it until I went to nursing school in the mid-90s, but even then, it was only touched on. I never heard Christian women talk about it, and when my friends started having babies, the condition only came up on occasion. And I never expected it to happen to me… 

4. Building a financial plan: Assessing your vitals by Daniel Whitt — Managing your money overseas comes with all sorts of its own seemingly unidentifiable challenges. In your financial health, there are two tools that can be used to “assess vitals.” The financial statements provide a big picture view of your wealth well-being. Let’s look at those together.

5. 4 ways to develop your resiliency muscles by Tim Austin — When we approach resilience from a biblical worldview, we understand that God desires for his children to thrive and live out their purpose in the midst of trouble. Think of the characters of Joseph, Ruth, and Daniel, to name a few. As Christ followers, we’re called to be overcomers. And that takes resilience.

6. A guilt-free conversation about rest by Lori Ferrell and Tim Austin — And sometimes I do think, oh, well, so-and-so can have that, but not me. And God was, “Lori, this time I’m inviting you. And I want you to receive this because this invitation is for all of us, but if you can’t receive it for you, then how can you say it’s for everyone?”

7. 22 ways to prep your TCK for college by Jenilee Goodwin — The journey of this season is unique for each situation, yet many of the real life, practical tasks they need to accomplish before college remain the same. The tasks will be done in different orders, depending on the circumstances your TCK is facing. Yet, the things to learn, do, buy, remember and experience are still similar for everyone.

8. Trusting God’s Sovereignty in the Midst of Trauma by Laura Bowling — There are times as we walk through trauma when we struggle to see God’s sovereign control over our lives. We don’t understand why His plan includes such pain for our lives or why a sudden change in direction has occurred. Life feels confusing, full of unknowns. 

9. Breath and Rest by Lori Ferrell — Let’s take a moment to pause and take a few deep breaths together. Get comfortable—find a comfortable chair to sit in. Relax. Take a deep breath. And another. See if you can lengthen your inhale, hold it, and then slowly let your breath out. Inhale, hold, exhale. Repeat.

10. Three tips for learning history by Mark Hedinger — In simple terms, the history of a people shapes their culture. People understand today in light of what happened to them yesterday. 

Honorable Mention: What is the difference between counseling, coaching, and spiritual direction? by Lane Arnold, Katie Brown, Tim Austin, and Lori Ferrell — Perhaps you’re ready to implement changes, but you’re just not sure where to start. Maybe you need counseling? Or maybe you could use a coach? You might have heard of spiritual direction but it sounds a bit woo-woo and weird. Yet, having a spiritual director may be just the next step God has for you. I wondered how professionals in each area would see the overlaps and the distinctions between the three areas. In this conversation professionals discussed what is similar between counseling, coaching, and spiritual direction; what is distinctive, and how to know which resource (or resources) is for you.

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