11 Life Intersections for You

Jan 24, 2023 | 0 comments

About 18 months ago I heard the line “Grief is where pain meets love” in a sermon. Since Global Trellis has a grief specialist (Katie Brown), the line jumped out to me and I wrote it down. Often we’d rather choose pain or love. The intersection means holding two things at once, when in the short run it can be easier to choose one or the other.

But that’s what we do here at Global Trellis, right? We live at the intersections because we know that’s where the true growth occurs and where God resides. So, I took our topics and explored their intersections. This is the type of post that is easy to read through quickly, therefore I invite you to sit back, take a breath and read the following out loud to yourself.

Life at the Intersections

Grief is where pain meets love.

Finance is where stewardship meets money.

Leadership is where vision meets action.

TCK Parenting is where raising children meets foreign soil.

Transition is where change meets loss and opportunity.

Soul Tending is where the inner world meets God.

Life Hacks are where ingenuity meets reality.

Culture is where pattern meets community.

Rest is where ceasing meets trust and refueling.

Language Acquisition is where learning meets thinking patterns and language.

Communication is where a message meets an outlet.

Global Trellis is where growth meets your calling.

Your life is where God meets you.


Thank you for being here and living life at these many intersections, some more complicated than others, that’s for sure!

Thank you also to our wonderful team of specialists. These trellis rungs of “specialists” build into you at these intersections: 

Bernie Anderson (leadership) — read posts by Bernie

Lane Arnold (spiritual direction) — read posts by Lane  

Tim Austin (transitions) —  read posts by Tim 

Katie Brown (grief) — read posts by Katie  

Elizabeth Forshee (spiritual direction) — read posts by Elizabeth

Lori Ferrell (rest) — read posts by Lori

Jenilee Goodwin (life hacks) — read posts by Jenilee

Karen Hedinger (language acquisition) — read posts by Karen

Mark Hedinger (culture) — read posts by Mark

Daniel Whitt (finances) — read posts by Daniel 

Lauren Wells (TCKs) — read posts by Lauren

Other vital rungs: Karen Huber (graphic artist), T (proofreader), Stacey Covell (editor)

Which intersections are easy to be at right now? Which one do you need to need to move towards? 

Amy Young

Life enthusiast. Author. Sports lover. Jesus follower. Supporting cross-cultural work.




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