August 2021 Challenge Revealed!

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“Global Trellis” is based on the idea that a trellis provides a structure for growth. Without a trellis, a young plant faces 3 dangers:

1—Growing in no discernible direction
2—Creating unnecessary decay and
3—Experiencing underdeveloped potential

We don’t want you to face these dangers whether you are new to the field or been planted where you are for decades. So, we had a blast building this fun challenge for you based on the premise of Global Trellis!

A few of you won’t need any details because all you need to hear is “a new challenge” and your response is:

But for those who like the details, here’s what you’ve got to look forward to in this challenge:

The more posts and cross-beams your life trellis has, the stronger it is to hold a rich and growing life. That’s why Global Trellis has a whole team of specialists, to equip, remind, and encourage you towards holistic growth. These 16 ideas are designed to be short, yet meaningful to your overall life. Sometimes the screws that hold a trellis together loosen over time and you don’t need a massive overhaul, but you do need to a little bit of maintenance.

Each one of the Global Trellis specialists and team members have suggested a short (less than 10 minute) idea for their area. Do 10 of these 16 ideas from the Global Trellis Team in the next 7 days as a quick, life trellis tune-up.

The 16 ideas include these areas:

—Soul Tending (Lane Arnold, Stacey Covell, and Lori Ferrell)

—Transitions (Tim Austin)

—Grief (Katie Brown)

—Life Hacks (Jenilee Goodwin)

—Language Acquisition (Karen Hedinger)

—Culture (Mark Hedinger)

—Finances (Daniel Whitt

—TCKs (Lauren Wells)

—Support Raising (Daniel Whitt and Stacey Covell)

—Teammate or Ministry Partners (by T)

—Inspiration (Karen Huber)

—Celebration (Amy Young)

Join this challenge today, and not only get your Build Your Trellis challenge, you’ll also get a coupon for a free workshop or previous challenge in honor of our newly designed shop! When you join, everything you need for the challenge will be emailed to you—the trellis template, list of ideas, and a short reading packet.

Just think of how your trellis can be strengthened with a few small, yet fun, activities over the next seven days.

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

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